1. HeyItzMeCee

    Rank Color Config | Deluxe Menus v1.0.0

    Allows your donors to change their + to different colors! (WARNING: THIS IS NOT A PLUGIN! THIS IS A CONFIG FOR DELUXEMENUS)! If you want more information about the config, feel free to join our discord and send a private message to a helper online! • Over 13 Colors (More Can Be Added) • Frames...
  2. Omatri

    Grant GUI - Advanced deluxe menus config v1.0

    INFORMATION: This setup makes giving ranks to your players a breeze! Just one command and a simple GUI pops up for easy rank control. FEATURES: Test server. Comes with 8 premade ranks. 1.16+ support. 4 Menus only. Drag and drop configuration only. TEST SERVER: To enhance your overall...
  3. Barry

    Rank up Deluxe menus configuration v1.1.0

    OVERVIEW: Say goodbye to pay-to-win! With this configuration, players can buy their new ranks with in-game earned money. With six pre-configured ranks, pre-added permissions, and perks, your players will love it! It even comes with five different theme colors! FEATURES: Custom gui (5...
  4. adaysdev

    AdAdmin | Ultimate Admin Skript v1.1

  5. P

    Luckperms, TAB, Dynmap - Hiring - Paying! $$$

    I need the following done: Luckperms: Owner tag in BABY PINK. Moderator tag in baby BLUE. Members (default) tag in pastel YELLOW TAB Installed & Configured Dynmap Installed & Configured I will pay $10-$20 depending how quickly and nicely you can get this done. I use Apex Hosting so let me...
  6. projectenchanted

    Classes | Stages | Levels v1.0

    Using Coins Engine plugin currencies players can level up Classes Each Class has its own color scheme that can be customized to suit your server themes Here is a sample of one of the classes, selecting warrior class will bring players to the stages menu. Here they can purchase stage 1 and...
  7. Artillex-Studios

    AxRankMenu | LuckPerms Addon v1.0.5

    • /axrankmenu • /axrankmenu reload • LuckPerms Economy Plugins: • Vault • PlayerPoints • CoinsEngine • RoyaleEconomy Source Code: If you need Commissions, Support, or anything else
  8. Diamond

    LuckPerms SMP | Configuration v1.0

  9. Diekieboy

    LuckPerms/TAB/Scoreboard Configuration v3.6

  10. olangus

    Luckperms Configuration | 12 CustomRanks v2.0

    Features : - 5 Unique Categories of Ranks - 50+ Differents Groups! - All types of ranks from donators ranks, to staff ranks. - Great Color Selection! - Easily Customizable! If you need any help with setting up the server or questions make sure to join our discord server or...
  11. StellarMine

    Stellar LuckPerms - Quick & Simple v1.1

    Dependencies: DeluxeMenus & CommandPrompter
  12. Ph4ntom

    LuckPerms Configuration - 38 Ranks v1.0

    Modern, Neat & Customizable LuckPerms Groups Configuration! 30+ Groups included! 3 Unique and different styles! Staff Rank, Donator Ranks, Achievement Ranks & many more! Bright & Attractive Color Selection! Note: Permission Setup Not Included! Have LuckPerms & any chat plugin installed in...
  13. I

    [LF HELP] 2 Topics: Performance optimize through .config files + permissions for 2 groups (LuckPerms)

    Hey guys, I'm setting up a small Minecraft server and need help with 2 specific Topics. They're in the Headline. :) If you can help add me on Discord: wow_classic_enjoyer In Real Life I am a Software Dev myself but more for web stuff. I know how to set up a public Server with the basic Plugins...
  14. Aabsss

    Willing to make custom rank tags for luckperms

    Offering custom textured rank tags - 2 Different types 1. Circular 2. Rectangular - Custom rank tags with icons (provide an idea) - Max: 100 - Min: 1 Price is depending on how many tags you buy. IMAGES: Rectangular: Circular: DM ME ON DISCORD @ big.abs OR REPLY TO THIS POST ON BBB
  15. rexlManu

    FairyChat v0.3.7

    FairyChat The next generation chat plugin for managing your server's chat. FairyChat is the future of chat management for your server, providing a range of features from customizable chat formats to multi-server message broadcasting. The perfect solution to bring a seamless chatting experience...
  16. xb3n6e

    FadedManager v1.0.4-SNAPSHOT

    FadedManager Do you have a Minecraft server and want to gather useful information about your players? This bot is your solution! Currently, the bot allows you to retrieve only the player's rank and more. However, in the future, you will be able to manage their permissions, their islands, and...
  17. ferrumsi

    RANKUP MENU - Deluxe Menus, ItemsAdder v1.0

    This resource is a menu that allows players to purchase privileges with in-game currency. This menu also has a system for paying extra for privileges (can be seen in the demo). 2 Menu Styles Demo menu 1. without texturepack 2. with texturepack
  18. ChaosDev

    Upgradeable PlayerVaults | DeluxeMenus v1.1

    Drag and drop the downloaded yml file into your /plugins/DeluxeMenus/gui_menus folder Add the file name into your DeluxeMenus config.yml Example: DeluxeMenus - PlayerVaultsX -
  19. KASUN

    Rank Setup SkyBlue Theme v1.1

    Easy and Quick Rank Setup with All Related Configs. What's Inside Luckperms Config (Database H2) with 7 Ranks with Perks + 4 staff ranks TAB Configuration with Tablist and Scoreboard Deluxemenus Configuration with /ranks menu Essentials/EssentialsChat Config for Chat Functionality...
  20. 1

    [🗒️✍️] Configuration services

    Who am I? Hey there, I'm Stefano. And I'm offering my services as a configurator to help you install any plugins, applications or software! I have done this for years now, and would be happy to help you with almost anything! What exactly are you offering? The installation/configuration of...
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