1. raiyan9

    Maintenance Decoration Pack v1.0

    18x High Quality Assets Hand truck, Hand cart, Wooden boxes with cover, Toolbox, Cones, Bollards, Barrels, Yellow fence, Concrete pipe, Metal storage, and Metal beam storage Game Ready
  2. PixelMine

    Construction Models v1.0

    9 Block Models Setups for Oraxen and ItemsAdder, just Drag & Drop 1.19+ compatible
  3. Synteh

    Oxygen - BungeeCord Core Plugin v1.0.1-SNAPSHOT

    ...More: Custom Commands (Essentials, Staff, Information, Blocked and more) Server Default Kick (If server that player was on shutdowned, plugin will automaticly send player to "FALLBACK_SERVER" that was written in config. Everything is 100% editable. Global Whitelist List (Not UUID Supported...

    FREE - Maintenance Card Website v1.0

    FREE MAINTENANCE CARD WEBSITE PREVIEW: LIVE PREVIEW: EASY TO EDIT! USED LANGUAGES: - HTML - CSS LICENSE Free to use, no credit required. But if you want to credit me, just do it, it's always appreciated :) You can also redistribute this...
  5. MrDimiXD

    Maintenance Website | Progress Bar v1.1

    Elevate your site's downtime with our meticulously crafted maintenance webpage. Perfect for any business, application, or individual site that requires a sleek hiatus notification. Not just a static placeholder, our maintenance page offers: Responsive Design: Ensures a seamless experience...
  6. Endeavor

    💻⚡ Flame and Feather // Networking and Maintenance - Installs, Setups, and Repairs - Flexible Contracts

  7. GibMirRechte

    Modern Maintenance Website v1.2

    This is a modern maintenance work website, which can be used for websites of all kinds! Special features: A countdown which shows the user when the page is expected to be available again. A Discord button to stay in contact with the user Mobile friendly design For questions, problems or...
  8. Bricec6

    Soon/Maintenance/Cloudflare Page, for u v1.0

  9. Nelix7

    Layten Hosting⚡ | Intel + Ryzen Dedicated Server Anti-DDoS + Cloud Backups Support EN+ES

    5 years Offering Hosting to Minecraft Communities and Building Teams and Streamers We offer many services on our website Server Maintenance + Updates Panel Installation + Updates We manage and Administer your Dedicated Server or VPS Sale of Servers already Configured +...
  10. Rhysti

    Discord Server Setup⭐Professional⭐Cheap

  11. T

    DragonMaintenance v1.3.1A

    Does what the title says!!! but we have it to where u can customize the commands in the options! they're is only 2 permissions to this skript 1. mm.* <- for server admins and this permssion is customization but mm.bypass is not in the options but will be added in a later version! 2. mm.bypass...
  12. funkemunky

    Advanced Custom AntiCheat / Server Maintenance Development

    Advanced Custom Anti-cheat/Maintenance Development You want the best? I'm your guy. About me My name is Dawson, and on the internet I'm known as funkemunky. I created many anti-cheating solutions in my free time, occasionally releasing some to the public. I have detected ghost and blatant cheats...
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