mature staff

  1. MADiNSiDE

    MCColonies | MATURE and DEDICATED staff team required! Looking for ALL STAFF POSITIONS!

  2. S | SkyBlock | Prisons

    Hello! I am a manager at Crystal Network and we are requesting a professional mature staff team for our network. We are a network that hasn't released yet but are at the point which we are nearly ready to do so! Steps to apply - Join our discord server. Then head to our announcement channel...
  3. MADiNSiDE

    PalacePvP - Balanced HCF! Looking for PAID positions, SHAREHOLDERS, and VOLUNTEERS!

    Hardcore Factions, KitMap and Practice Calling all aspiring Developers, Shareholders, Writers and Moderators! _________________________________________________________ Are you sick of all these HCF servers being 100% reliant on scummy P2W tactics? Do you wish to go back to the simpler times of...
  4. TwizzlerStealer


    Gamer Diversity is recruiting staff! We are a soon-to-release KitPvP server that needs help throughout the launch and lifespan of our server as well as preparing the server for release! What We Need: -Builders -Moderators -Administrator (1) (Earned Through Trust) -DEVELOPERS (We desperately...
  5. Lightspeeder900

    Index Factions >> Looking for most positions

    Index Factions First, we need an introduction to myself and the server. I am Lightspeeder900, otherwise known as Light, I am the Manager for said server and we are in need of staff before the big release. The server, Index Factions, is an HCF server with all kinds of commands and development...
  6. L

    Rektopia Network [STAFF NEEDED]

    DO NOT APPLY IF YOU ARE FROM ANOTHER NETWORK CURRENTLY YOU WILL BE DENIED We are looking for dedicated Staff for our network. Current Servers: Factions, Skyblock, Kitpvp //// Bedwars and towny are being worked on! Network Owners Viruz A2TC Both over the age of 21. We use Discord...
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