1. Azarren

    |SALE 50% OFF!|Blue Canary's Plugins|Cheap|

    Hey there! My name is Danielle and I am offering small / medium plugins for cheap prices! I am a developer who found interest in the Java language and Spigot API back in 1.8 and since then I have been making Exclusive Plugins and Servers and now want to publicly advertise my business to you! I...
  2. W

    Jungle Boardwalk Spawn

    Hello! I built this spawn for an SMP server I was creating, I've lost interest and would hate to see this spawn go to waste. It has a sorta unique style that you don't see that often. Price: $5 (Only selling once) Screenshots:
  3. patroclos

    Free | small-medium plugin development

    I will do small to medium size plugins for free. You can contact me on discord or on mcm and we can discuss details and see if its a good fit. Discord: patroclos#3396
  4. AkaFox

    meow xd

    Temporally halted. I'll sell this then :)
  5. b1naryfr3ak

    Looking for long-term developer position

    Hey! My name is Adam. Right now, I’m trying to focus on looking for a long-term developer position at a medium-large sized Minecraft network. I’m also available for any freelance work. Send me a PM, or add my skype (b1naryfr3ak) if you’re interested in my services, and would like to discuss this...
  6. Bienyyy

    Exclusive HQ Factions Spawn! [249x249]

    Hello guys, I've been building this map yesterday and decided to try and sell it on here. Its diameter is about 250 blocks (it's 249 to be exact, but its not square shaped), has 8 big towers and space for up to 4 portals / entrances. I put some doors in the portal spaces if someone would want to...
  7. DystopiaBuilds


  8. Sulphate

    Very Cheap Bukkit/Spigot Custom Plugin Development

    NOTE: After a long break, I'm back and ready to develop! Who I am: Hi, I'm Sulphate. I've been coding plugins for a few years now, and have a decent amount of experience coding for specific people and some servers as well. I recently took a break to focus on school work, but I'm ready to take...
  9. Sanpedro812

    Simple Prison Mine, Medium Size

    Hello, this is my first build for sale, hope it goes well. It's a simple, modern, courtyard-themed prison mine. The details are below: Building Dimensions: 71x71 length/width and 19 tall Mine Dimensions: 23x23 length/width and 12 deep Total Blocks in .schematic: 181,476 The build was completed...