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  1. Zorino

    Reddit Feeds | Corebot Update 1.0

    Automatically receive updates in your discord when a new thread is started on Reddit under any subreddit. Features Unlimited channels Multiple subreddits per channel Customizable message Uses Discord's new Timestamp Message Formatting Default Config Example
  2. v1klolz

    10 Doge Meme Yu-Gi-Oh Card Pack

    Basically doge memes in the form of Yu-Gi-Oh cards which you can put under other people's comments in the social world as a form of "reaction" This is just a 10 cards pack, the first one , i'm currently working on making tons of new cards building and abalancing them and making them in such way...
  3. Zorino

    AdvancedMemes | CoreBot Addon 1.4

    Recieve one of the top memes from reddit using any subreddit. This addon requires you to have the latest version of Corebot, if you don't have Corebot you can purchase it here: Features: Customizable Embed Customizable Config Random or static...
  4. Dom6988


    Hello there, so I own an instagram-memepage with 1.63k followers. Language is 50/50 german and english. Avg Story views: 350-400 Avg Post Likes: 250 I have a very active and fast growing community. Pricing 24h Story - 5€ 24h Post with up to 10 pictures and custom Caption - 7,50€ Both - 10€...
  5. Kryth (with Meme Website) $90 BIN Registered at NameSilo (can easily be moved to NameCheap, etc.) Expiration Date: 2019-11-17 (around 7 months left) Price: $90 (PayPal, BTC, ETH) I may go first if you're trusted, or use a MM if you want :tup: The website is mostly a meme comprised of nothing more than an image...
  6. SkullKnight

    What is your favorite meme?

    Hey everybody, as the title implies I am curious as what might be everyone's favorite meme or memes. Mine, for instance, is mc-market, 13-year-olds thinking they are "executives" and legitimate business people.
  7. Pagz03

    Active Discord Server 500+ (Gaming, memes) Will pay $100

    Looking to buy an active discord server That I can take over. I would like to use it as my own just to advertise my future streams. and talk to members about gaming and anime all sorts of shit. Need to have at least 500 online and I prefer if its consistently active in its general chat. I will...
  8. FirestoneINC

    Multiple Services in Staffing!

    Hello! My name is Brandon M. Childers. I am a professional game designer as well as a music composer. I have alot of experience in Java, Python, C+, C++, Ruby, etc. I also have experience in managing large groups of members and moderation. I would identify myself as: Very Kind, Supportive...

    Builder to work for a salary

    Hi, I'm PGBRULES#7873, and I'm requesting a semi-professional builder for my new project called LabelleSRPG. In order to even be considered you must show a decent level of maturity and responsibility. We can talk about your exact salary on discord after I see how good you are. Please DM me on...
  10. 1Kid


    service closed for now...
  11. Samuel

    We need a meme

    Something along the lines of "Thanks, @Mick." when something breaks. It's like "Thanks, Obama." but more like "Thanks, @Mick." instead.
  12. BanMe

    The Perfect Domain For A Meme Network... Anyways this domain has a traffic of about 2-5 people but it just re-directed to my new factions server so im selling it. Proof: Redirects to this thread. Bid: $5.00 Min: Increase: $5.00 Bin: $10.00? Doge :p
  13. Jordan

    Social Media Section

    So it's pretty clear that some of us here don't just sell Minecraft stuff on this forum. (Although that is what it is based around). I think it would be a good idea to possibly have a Social Media Marketplace somewhere between "Minecraft Marketplace" and "Miscellaneous Marketplace". This way...
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