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  1. Obviouslee

    ViusalAnnouncer | Spice Up Your Messages v1.0.2

    VisualAnnouncer is a rich message sender using titles, action bars, and boss bars. It allows you to create messages with durations, HEX colors, placeholders, and more! Title Support Title Durations Title Fade-In's Title Fade-Out's On-Join Titles Constant Titles Action Bar Support On-Join...
  2. A Y H A M

    [SUGGESTIONS] Carousel Categories, GIF support | Coupons | Auto-Message on Purchase

    Hello everyone, I am big fan of automation and keeping things origanized as much as possible so I've few suggestions to say out loud for this amazing platform to help their customers - Carousel Categories - Due to the recent changes in resource description limiting images to 100, I've to move...
  3. AISales Market

    AISales Writers are READY for work!

    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- My name is Dustin, the founder of AISales. As a team of five at the moment, we plan to expand in big ways soon enough...
  4. _Edward_

    Litebans config | 27 message styles | Punishment GUI | Deluxemenus v1.4

    Thread design was done by ๖ۣۜζ͜͡Nitro#5763 What's new in 1.4 New GUI style This configuration provides High-quality litebans messages and punishment GUI. Forget giving Litebans permissions directly to your staff. This GUI runs the command as console and logs...
  5. Posmose

    DirectMessage - A new perspective for direct messaging v1.0.4

    DirectMessage provides direct messaging between players. It does this by using the in-game Scoreboard feature as a tool. It is very useful compared to many custom message plugins. Organized storage of private conversations between players makes it easy for anyone with access to the plugin to...
  6. SimpPixel

    Custom Kill Messages Plugin (MUST BE VERY CUSTOMIZABLE!)

    Hello! I am wanting a Custom Kill Messages plugin, VERY similar to Hypixel. If anyone is able to do this please add me on Discord and DM me! Discord: Jhuly#0603 More will be explained once I've been added.
  7. I

    BungeeCord Staff Message

    Hello MCM! I am requesting a bungeecord - proxy plugin, that allows staff members to send private messages globaly, to respond to things such as HelpOps and Reports. commands: /sreply <name> <message> (preferred messages.yml) message: &c[STAFF] %staffmember% -> Me: &o%message% I...
  8. FubukiDev

    Best Litebans Message v1.1

    This is the best config ever custom made by Litebans! Regular updates are planned. Premium Plugins are used in the configuration and are NOT included. You need: LiteBans
  9. I


    OVERVIEW This script shows a death announcement, with a 5 second wait. This script currently has 2 languages, Spanish and English, more will be added soon Includes sounds when dying The current sounds are: BATH_DEATH and LEVEL_UP IMAGES English Español Requirements You need 2 plugins...
  10. Zorino

    Message Reminder | Corebot Addon v1.0

    This addon requires you to have the latest version of Corebot, if you don't have Corebot you can purchase it here Thank you to augesrob#0001 for funding this project. Because of his generosity, I am able to give you guys another free resource! Features: Customizable...
  11. _Edward_

    [HQ] CMI 50+ Styles custom messages + MOTDs + Tablist config FREE! v1.2.1

    This is a High-Quality custom messages + MOTDs + TABLIST resource for the popular Essentials replacement plugin, CMI. It comes with multiple styles! Choose a style and make your server stand out! [/SPOILER] you need CMI plugin for this resource to work. purchase CMI plugin from SpigotMC...
  12. carl29

    Looking for a Mess Massaging bot developer

    Looking for some bots that can mess send messages to the following networks: Discord Omegle ChatRandom ChatHub Please contact me via PM if you already have developed or wanna develop * I also looking for FB group email scrapper Thanks
  13. R

    Advanced PM - Fully customizable private messages [1.8 - 1.15] v1.0

    With this plugin can players on your server send private messages. This plugin is fully customizable. Customizable messages (messages.yml) Supports custom characters Colored and formatted messages (&0-9, &a-f, &m, &n, &o, &r) Plugin reload Sounds on command fail, message sent/received, plugin...
  14. I

    StaffChat [SKRIPT] v1.0

    Staff Chat [Skript] If you need help please contact me on discord by adding me IgnHalf#6538 Donations are appreciated! Please contact me to donate Default Messages:
  15. Mv_


    Welcome to my second resource! I decided to make a Litebans configuration that works with every server and is an actual quality configuration. There are 5 default themes, however, I will be making new themes for users that request them. All themes are basically ready to go. All you need to do...
  16. Goro922

    Very Professional Custom Essentials Messages v1.0

  17. A Y H A M

    Resource Purchase PM

    When someone purchase your resource an automated message will be sent to that buyer with the text you chose and it is per resource, so if I have 2 different resources I can setup a different message for each of them. This idea helps a lot with those who want to send a note or maybe send a...
  18. SeppyGG

    SimpleTextSender v1.2

    __________________________________________________________________________ Overview: » This plugin sends a simple text message to any player. » All formats and colors are supported. » You can also send empty lines. __________________________________________________________________________...
  19. R

    ⚡ From $2, Cheap Simple Discord Bots INCL FREE HOSTING - DELIVERED FAST! ⚡

    Hello. Want your own discord bot for your server? Well here is the right place. I am offering to create a custom discord bot for you starting at $2, with quick delivery, typically around 1 day depending on the amount of work involved. Contact me on Discord: Reyn#9999 Prices Basic Moderation...
  20. Bryce

    [FacPack] Broadcasts Module v1.1

    Welcome to FacPack Broadcasts This module is designed to easily add automated broadcast messages on a timed schedule to your server. The message can be added/removed from in-game and is instantly reload-able. Installation: 1. Install FacPack-Core. 2. Restart Server 3. Drop this module in...
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