1. skTank

    FREE | SKRIPT | Chat Games v1.1

    Simple, easy to configure Chat Games skript. Features - In-Game Commands - Configurable Reward Commands - Configurable game words Need support or have a question? Join my discord here! Customers get priority support when I release paid products.
  2. billo bag

    Messages Skript v1.0

    This script emulates the /msg functionality found in the Donut SMP Minecraft server. /msg allows players to send private messages to each other regardless of their distance in the game world. The script enhances the multiplayer experience by enabling discreet communication between players...
  3. YogiYT

    Yogis Messages v1.0

    Features: Private Messaging: Allows players to send private messages to one another with a fancy looking text! Reply Functionality: Players can quickly reply to the most recent message, making conversations easy! Message Cooldowns: Prevents spam by implementing a cooldown system, ensuring that...
  4. Aeon

    HuskHomes Messages Configuration | v1.0.0

    || OVERVIEW This resource is a message lang file configuration for the plugin HuskHomes with beautiful hex colors and small-caps font text. Supports 1.16.1 and above. Configuration made and tested on Paper 1.19.4 ! Configuration made for HuskHomes version 4.6.1 || FEATURES Small-caps font...
  5. BuiltBySenex

    SuperVanish Messages | 12 Themes | FREE v1.0.0

    Overview: Experience a professionally designed multi-themed configuration for SuperVanish messages, made from scratch. Installation: Download the resource Unzip the provided file Go to unzipped folder & open README file Showcase: Please be aware that images shown here are just preview, once...
  6. ZRGCloud

    AutomaticBroadcast - Configuration v2.6

    This config is for the plugin Automatic-Broadcaster by Pandaaa on spigot. Download Plugin: Click Here to download Automatic Broadcaster on Spigot Before you begin please backup your .ymls plugins/AutomaticBroadcast/ Files name broadcasts.yml and config.yml. Now you have backed up your...
  7. Xqedii

    Crazy Auctions | Configuration v1.0

  8. Diekieboy

    DeathMessages | 5 Colors & 250+ Messages v1.2

  9. N

    LifestealCore Custom Messages | PREMIUM v1

    Have you ever played a lifesteal server with server messages made for the purpose of burning your eyes? Have you ever sighed, as you spend hours working on configuring a lang file that contains thousands of lines? Have you ever thought that, one simple purchase could save you alot of time and...
  10. nbsf

    Clean LibertyBans Config 5 Styles - FREE v1.0

  11. Globe Inc

    Lottery GUI & Messages Config v1.0

    New & Astonishing Look to the boring Lottery GUI! Highly Customizable User-Friendly Configuration! Attractive Color Themed! Epic Messages Customization! Custom Colored Icons! ✦ Lottery GUI ✦ ✦ Global Tickets GUI ✦ ✦ Buy Tickets GUI ✦ ✦ Status Message ✦ ✦ Help Message ✦ ✦ Admin...
  12. Aeon

    EssentialsX Messages Configuration | v1.0.4

    || OVERVIEW This resource is a message lang file configuration for the plugin EssentialsX with beautiful hex colors and small-caps font text. Supports 1.16.1 and above. Configuration made and tested on Paper 1.19.4 NOTE: This configuration only modifies everything related to the messages. Other...
  13. Levitate

    EssentialsX Messages Configuration v1.0.3

    This configuration has everything you need for your essentials messages, it includes different prefixes based on the type of message, a clean design that uses RGB colors. EssentialsX Messages with different prefixes based on the message type, preview of the messages can be seen below...
  14. Pallux

    EssentialsX Messages | Config v1.0

  15. ChaosDev

    EssentialsX Messages | Multi Line v1.2

    If you spot any mistakes or have any problems, please contact us here so we can resolve the issue as soon as possible! Drag and drop the file from the color of your choice into your /plugins/Essentials folder. Essentials
  16. Obviouslee

    ViusalAnnouncer | Spice Up Your Messages v1.0.2

    VisualAnnouncer is a rich message sender using titles, action bars, and boss bars. It allows you to create messages with durations, HEX colors, placeholders, and more! Title Support Title Durations Title Fade-In's Title Fade-Out's On-Join Titles Constant Titles Action Bar Support On-Join...
  17. kangarko

    BungeeControl Red - Cross-Network Chat v3.16.2

    This is a BungeeCord-only plugin and requires ChatControl Red™ on your Spigot servers. BungeeControl-Red is a bridge that allows ChatControl to communicate across your network. It mostly only forwards data sent by ChatControl from one server to another, and provides support for network-wide...
  18. InternetThing

    Clean professional design for StaffTools v1.0

    RESOURCE SUPPORT & ACTIVE STATUS: Resource Support Available And Active ! RESOURCE IS ABANDONED ! [Abandoned Updates Wise Only - Bug Fixes Are Happening (If any bugs are found)] High Quality StaffTools Messages Design Configuration DO NOT USE REVIEWS IN ORDER TO REPORT BUGS IF YOU FIND ANY...
  19. Kappios

    ⭐Atlantis Setups | Litebans Messages ⭐ 5 Styles [$3,99]

    Buy the resource here
  20. iiShane

    UltraDeathMessages v1.0

    - UltraDeathMessages - Set custom death messages that display in chat when a player is killed. Default death messages Plugin Configuration: #================================================== # Plugin: UltraDeathMessages # Author: ShaneDev # Version: 1.0 # Support Discord...
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