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minecraft 1.9.4

  1. JohnSeven

    Need Plugin Created!

    I want a plugin based on the game Dungeon Defenders 2. (Look up a video or play the tutorial of the game its Free to play.) I want it kinda to be like Mobarena but it needs to have the mobs pathfind to the selected spot (the "spot" is the place you should defend) and if the "player" is blocking...
  2. CDFLPrison

    Experienced builders for op prison server

    Hello.Today i am looking for experienced builders, to help me build prison mines, A-Free. The server is currently called Potato-Prison, but that is not the actual name, it is just a temp name for now, until we think of a new one. I currently have 1 Owner and 1 Dev.All i need for now is...
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