minecraft build

  1. PixelMine

    Snowday Hub v1.0

    400x400 Spawn, Lobby or Hub 1.8+ Schematic File and World Files
  2. PixelMine

    Green Medieval Island v1.0

    100x100 Spawn, Lobby or Hub 1.12.2+ World Files
  3. PixelMine

    Ruined Village Hub v1.0

    200x200 Spawn, Lobby or Hub 1.12.2+ Schematic File and World Files
  4. PixelMine

    Ruined Castle Spawn v1.0

    500x500 Spawn, Lobby or Hub 1.12.2+ Schematic File and World Files
  5. PixelMine

    PlanetSide Hub v1.0

    250x250 Spawn, Lobby or Hub 1.12.2+ Schematic File and World Files
  6. PixelMine

    Sky Castle Hub v1.0

    200x200 Spawn, Lobby or Hub 1.12.2+ Schematic File and World Files
  7. Diamond

    Village Themed | Spawn/Hub v1.0

    Village Themed Spawn/Hub. Can be used for any gamemodes. Plenty of NPC area and crate areas for your needs. Supports 1.8 to 1.20! Includes: 11 NPCs 3 Crate Areas 1 Help Area
  8. SharkblackFr

    lobby pirate natural minecraft v1.0

    Hi, This natural map can be used from version 1.12.2. It can be used as a waiting lobby or other as needed.There is a lot of information provided in a void world and a schematic
  9. Dark Shop

    Romantic/Love Theme Build

    Hi, I am looking for someone who can build me a romantic/love theme build. For more detail please DM me, with your portfolio, pricing etc. Thank you.
  10. aglerr

    💡 Dreamlight Creative | 💸 Affordable | 🚚 Quick Delivery | 🏅 Providing high-quality services since 2020

  11. TheeWord_

    Tword Studios #1🎮| Taking creativity further | Professional Service Team! (Building and Designer)

    If you want to request an order with us or even be part of our team, just enter the discord below and open a ticket in the desired category. Discord: https://discord.gg/TfTSSQDPBU
  12. MartObgg

    I will build anything you want!

    I will build anything you want in Minecraft! You just need to send me a picture or project! This is some of my builds. ---> Thanks!
  13. Mr.Khan

    TheCluster | Web development & UI/UX Services.

    Reach out to us through discord - https://discord.gg/rFC7j4n
  14. Devysion

    [Optical Studios #1 Italian team] Quality build at a low price

    Contact us https://www.opticalstudios.eu https://discord.io/opticalstudios (open a ticket here)
  15. SkyNightGaming

    Small Kitchen Map v1.0

    Small Kitchen map is exactly what it is, with a couple different decorations around the map, it's perfect for small mini-games or custom mini-games if you want to make some type of kitchen game, roll-play is also a great use for this map. Or feel free to add this to your map collections! (Can...
  16. Countdownn

    ( )

    Hello, we are an upcoming Minecraft Rust server in the community and currently looking to make a build team or order any commissions. Builds Needed: - 4 caves (50x50) - 4 cities (100x100) - 1 Spawn (100x100 circular shape) - 1 Farm Area (75x75) - 1 Oil Rig (150x150) - 1 Market Area...
  17. Pohuyiists

    Some of my builds for sale

    Selling mine and my friends projects, im open to offers. Images: https://prnt.sc/10du200 https://prnt.sc/10du5zt https://prnt.sc/10du6ht https://prnt.sc/10du726 https://prnt.sc/10du81e https://prnt.sc/10du8yh https://prnt.sc/10du9au Add my discord for more information Pohuyiists#5031
  18. RiznSun

    DesertTheme Hub / Spawn / Lobby 160 x 160 Build v2021-02-20

    3D Model: https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/hub-wrl-5129aedd5413455e93f4ed21b674b74b
  19. Dr.T00P

    Custom Minecraft HUB SPAWN

    Hello! I am looking to sell my Custom Hub. Below are a few screenshots of the Hub Build. If you are interested in purchasing this build please join my discord linked below. Discord Server: https://discord.gg/DmH7ERz p.s we are looking to sell this build for $15-$25
  20. xCaptain

    I will build any kind of minecraft build

    A bad looking and a not functional build is a killer for your project, that's why I am here. Why to work with me? - I have a deep understanding of design principles; - I get projects done in a small amount of time; - No matter what package you would choose, quality will be the same and I...
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