minecraft client

  1. PvP2Max

    [REQUESTING] Custom MC Client Developer - Paid Position

    Client launcher with version options (1.17.1, and 1.18.X), launcher configuration (RAM management, and other settings) This will be made with a lot of C# and Node.js, JS and with a bit of HTML, CSS. Cosmetic and Emote (purchase system, Cosmetic API system (allowing us to know if someone has...
  2. P

    Custom Minecraft Client

    Hey I am a client developer and I am willing to make any of you a pvp or hacked client with your desired features, I will only charge you a reasonable price depending on what you want. If you would like to add me my discord is Pump#3583 . I can also help manage/develop minecraft servers/discord...
  3. NamesCarl

    Minecraft Client Developer

    Looking to get a simple minecraft client made. (.jar) (Version - 1.12.2) If you are interested in a project and want more information add me on discord and we can discuss further details about features of the client, ect. Discord: Carl#9000
  4. Classified

    Custom Minecraft Client [HIGH BUDGET]

    Hello and thanks for clicking on this thread! I currently own an upcoming factions network and we are interested in having our own custom client with launcher made. We are looking for a client similar to Cosmic Client, Falcun Client, and Lunar Client. The client will be Factions/PvP based...
  5. call911

    Minecraft clients that allow external mods

    Hey, I was wondering, Does anyone know any pvp clients that allow external mods? If not, Any good open source pvp clients? So far everything i heard of is strict to just the mods that they provide
  6. ItzIndyNL


    Hey all I need a client for our server but we do not have one yet thats why we are looking for you to make a client for us at least if you can it it does not have to be really extensive like lunar.gg but without that launcher with few mods in there, That would be awesome. Mods: MotionBlur...
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