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  1. A

    [OPEN] Plugin Development | 6 YoE | Source code included

    Hello, I'm anhcraft. I have 6 YoE in Minecraft server-side modding. I can make plugins for Minecraft servers xD Service: Develop plugins Upgrade/Modify existing plugins etc.. anything related to programming Skills: Platforms: Spigot, Paper, Purpur, Bungeecord, Velocity Versions: 1.8+ -...
  2. Diamond

    TAB Configuration | General Purpose 0

  3. Diamond

    DeluxeMenus Skyblock | Configuration v1.0

  4. Diamond

    LuckPerms SMP | Configuration v1.0

  5. NikV2

    Selling Alice Anticheat Source Code (Or rights)

    Selling Alice Anticheat Source Code (No re-sell rights, meaning you can use code it contains on ur project even commercial ones, but you cannot re-sell the entire source and it doesnt give you the right to re-release the project) Features and/or incomplete IMPORTANT Certain checks were in...
  6. kangarko

    ❤️ LEARN TO MAKE MINECRAFT PLUGINS & MINIGAMES [Course + 1:1 Coaching] [No Previous Coding Skills Needed] [Partnered with JetBrains & Microsoft] 🍀

    If You're Busy Read This - Quick Summary We're the only Java + Minecraft plugin training with live coaching in the world - We're the largest Minecraft educational company on Earth more results than any YouTube or Udemy course with JetBrains program and personalized support (2,000+ students...
  7. Pallux

    Plugin Translation ⭕️ English -> German [Small Plugins FREE] | Cheap and Reliable ✅

    Hey BBB Community, If you're a Minecraft plugin developer and looking to expand your potential user base to include German speakers, you may want to consider offering your plugin's messages in German. This is where my services can come in handy. As a English-German translator, I will translate...
  8. ViiRal

    Free Development [Limited Time Only]

    Basically as title says. All free plugins will be put publicly on here and/or my github You'll get access to the SRC but you won't get any updates or changes from me All information is on my GitHub profile. https://github.com/ViiRalJR
  9. Rosa Parks

    Need java developer

    Hello! I'm looking for a PrivateMine plugin to be custom-made. This plugin needs to be done hopefully within the next 1-2 weeks. Here is the list of features required but please be flexible as this is likely not the final list and I may have features added as we progress through the 'deal'. We...
  10. kangarko

    Winter - Christmas & Winter 2-in-1 Suite v3.6.2

    Announcement from kangarko: A complete 2-in-1 Winte rand Christmas solution. Add realistic snow particles, terrain covering, gift chests, deadly snowmen and much more onto your server! Why Winter? Winter is the perfect plugin whether you need a Christmas plugin or are just...
  11. kangarko

    Confiscate - Anti-Hack & Anti-Exploit v3.6.3

    Announcement from kangarko: Testimonials: Prevent dupe operations and exploits anticheats can't catch, and never will. Includes a transactions log to prevent losing money on poorly designed economy. Story In the period of 2012-15, I was running a survival server hosting roughly...
  12. kangarko

    CoreArena - Physical Engine Mob Arenas v3.7.8

    Announcement from kangarko: The next-generation mob arena plugin with destruction, BungeeCord and economy support. Demo: Hell Fire And Rocket Bow In Action: Notice: You will get both of these tools for free as part of CoreArena. Right click ground to call an operator that will...
  13. nthByte

    nthByte Services | ⚡ HIGH QUALITY SERVICES ⚡

    If you'd like to do business with us, you can join our discord by clicking the flyer or you can add C10#9398!
  14. Q


  15. Darkside247

    Ban Gui Plugin

    Looking for a ban GUI plugins with different permission levels, so i can give some access to only warns, others tempbans and some perm bans and ip bans ect, would need it to be customizable and organized so staff can navigate it easy. contact me if your able to set this up Darkside247#0001 Thanks
  16. yi.dnl


    Good day, I would like to introduce you to my lucrative offer of Minecraft plugin development. At the beginning, I will introduce myself and share my experiences with you. I am currently 18 years old and a prospective student in Germany. I gained my experience with Java from the age of 14. So...
  17. iEcxlpse--123

    Pixelmon GUI Menus and Plugins

    IMYSTXC'S GUI HUB I am a creator of GUI menus using the virtualchest plugin. I specialize in pixelmon related menus such as pokebuilder, pokestops, battle towers and much more. Looking for a GUI menu for your server join the discord and browse through my portfolio and see the work I have done...
  18. TW-Project


    Proxy commands & permissions Command Permission Description /bcontrolx bcontrolx.help Show help menu /bcontrolx reload bcontrolx.reload Reload the plugin /bcontrolx list bcontrolx.list Show the current controls /bcontrolx top bcontrolx.top Show the top staffers of controls...
  19. MattZen

    Trenix Is looking for plugin Developers

    Trenix Services is the future of development. We are looking for Minecraft plugin developers. We take 5% of your earnings and it goes straight to charity. Add me on discord: TiMyTi11#0001
  20. Jokesonu007

    Divine Services | Reliable | Quality | Cheap | Fast Service [Minecraft Plugin Development]

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