minecraft staff recruitment

  1. A

    SkyCubia | Skyblock & Survival Network | Looking for staff!

    SkyCubia Staff Recruitment Who are we? We are a fun skyblock & survival network, our second season of skyblock is coming up and we are in need of staff! Open positions: Helper: 10 Moderator: 8 Senior Moderator: 3 Admin: 3 Managers: 0 Staff requirements Must be at least...
  2. S

    AsylumPVP [In need of staff]

    Hey All! I'm the AsylumPvP server Owner, and I am looking for Experienced Staff to help with a non profit organization! Here's some info: AsylumPvP is in Alpha Testing at the moment, which means we are not into in game testing yet but we are looking for the best host to make sure players do not...
  3. S

    AsylumPvP Minecraft Server

    Hello all! Asylum Needs you! to help with the Minecraft community by becoming a staff member to a new server in Alpha Testing!! What positions we need: 2x CoOwners 1x Full Time Admin 1x Trial Admin 1x Highly Professional Developer/Skripter 2x Logo/Designer!! for Minecraft Art! 5x Builders...
  4. Steally

    Steally's Management | Ex Badlion Community Manager

    ABOUT ME Hey, I'm Steally, Minecraft server manager. I'm 17 years old and I still attend high school. I'm currently living in Serbia(GMT+2). I've been playing Minecraft for more than 6 years and working on servers for more than 4 years. This ranged from simple moderation and helper jobs to...
  5. D0RMIN

    Raidison Staff NEEDED

    CONTACT ME: DISCORD - dormin#7015 MSG me on discord and type "Hello I read your post on Minecraft market, I would like to apply for staff, can I have the Application Format?" And then I will respond in the next few minutes or day. Raidison Network is a new upcoming Network that is ready to...
  6. Zakor123

    ⚠️Need staff CraftedPvP need free staff to help ! ⚠️

    Crafted Network Hello i need free staff on my server we already got some people but we need dev's/admins/builders ect. Contact me on discord ZAKORGAMING#1970 ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ Application will be sent with a Google form thanks!
  7. DrGhostwolf


    I am here to announce the next big factions server. The server will release on the 5th of January @6pm est. The Discord server hots giveaways such as vouchers for the server. Also There are prices for the top 3 factions. Join the discord for more info. I hope you join and have a good day...
  8. DrGhostwolf

    DrGhostwolf managing service (free)

    Hello there My name is Clark I am 16 years old I am active on minecraft & discord everyday I can bring cool and creative ideas to your server and with that i bring my good communication and moderation skills Why i would be a go addition to your server ? I should be pick as staff because I like...
  9. DrGhostwolf

    Looking to become a Admin/mod in mc server

    Im looking to become a mod/admin in a mc server i amd pro lol discord : Xefiy#0244
  10. SwiftUnity

    Staff/Beta-Tester Recruitment - Long-Term // Trustworthy // Creative

    Hello! My name is SwiftUnity and I'm here to recruit staff/beta-testers. I currently own a Minecraft server with a dedicated staff team behind it. Recently we've been running low on staff/beta-testers so I came here to recruit new ones. I personally have owned this server for 5 years now and...