1. zqodev

    LastBlock v1.01

    Commands: /lastblock help /lastblock give <block> /lastblock menu /lastblock reload Permissions: lastblock.give lastblock.menu lastblock.reload Contact by Discord: zqodev
  2. J

    VoteKick Pro v1.0

    Overview VoteKick is an easy-to-use voting plugin with many cool features to offer and has a lot of configurations for features from this plugin and you can edit any messages from this plugin along with custom placeholders and HEX color code support! Plugin Features Hex Color Code support...
  3. C

    Animated Nicknames v1.0.7

    Like animations? Like cool nicknames? Then you'll love Animated Nicknames. Animated Nicknames is a plugin which adds style to your in-game name by adding nice animations both in the player list (tab) and above your head! Just look at this one: And guess what, the menus are simple and easy to...
  4. Kaito

    Christmas Music

    Best Christmas music playlist out there. LINK:
  5. W

    CUSTOM Minecraft Server Logo Shop [LIMITED TIME]

    Hello! I'm Will. I'm a graphics designer and at the moment I am feeling motivated to do freelance work for limited time. NOTE:I DO backgrounds! This is not purely a "3D Text" shop... In order to purchase a logo you must give me your ideas in the following format: Logo Text: "Sample server"...
  6. T

    Making Minecraft Plugins

    I am making minecraft plugins as you want. The main category for buying is for small plugins (no chat plugins, i hate them :P), then the price is increasing by the difficulty level of it. You can order plugins to me at: https://www.fiverr.com/xdesirerage/do-a-minecraft-bukkit-plugin If you...
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