1. Delvina Novax

    RGB Gaming Chair v1.0

    Introducing the Spectrum RGB Gaming Chair – where comfort meets style in your gaming haven.
  2. ReflexShow

    ⭐ PassiveMode ⭐ Ultimate passive mode solution!

  3. Creavite

    What gamemode would YOU prefer?

    Hi there, MCM Community! I want to start a Minecraft server (for the 6th time -_-) but I want to approach it properly. Vote on the poll what gamemode you'd prefer, or probably comment it on the thread if it isn't on the poll. It would take 2 seconds of your time and help me out a ton! Thank...
  4. ReflexShow

    Passive Mode v1.6

  5. TRA3

    MC-M Dark Mode

    If this isn't allowed please just delete this thread. I was doing some research and found a way to get dark mode on any website including MC-M. If you already knew this then im dumb and just keep scrolling on MC-M lmao. Tutorial: Search this Then search And Enable "Force Dark Mode for Web...
  6. byFaro

    Bounce (JUMP LEAGUE) | MySQL | 50% OFF [1.8 - 1.15] v1.1

    This plugin is similar to the gamemode JumpLeague and contains a jump and run part and a pvp part. During the jumping part you can collect items from chest which you can use at the pvp part at the end. Features: - Easy to use - Stats-System - Good performance - Own JumpParts (schematics with...
  7. H

    Bungee Cord HELP!

    People have been able to join my minecraft using cracked minecrafft (since all the servers are set to offline mode) and enabling online mode will not allow players to join. (I have enabled it in the bungee cord config) How do I fix this and not allow offline accounts to join?
  8. FearlessGoat

    What's your favorite game? Do you think it's the best?

    Title :p
  9. W

    Staff Mode

    hi im looking for a developer who can code a custom staff mode must be version 1.11.2 just like other hcf's server one compass to teleport Book to inspect peoples inventory Blaze rod to freeze player(s) and if they quit while frozen it auto perm ban Shows a gui of online staff Random teleport...
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