1. LynxX

    Shield Ranks V4 v1.0

  2. KacperM

    Lunar | Optimized Staff Core v1.1.4

    Join discord for any type of support - Source code - Staff Mode (Freeze, Inspect, Online Staff, Random TP) Staff Chat (Server / Global) Admin Chat (Server / Global) Owner Chat (Server / Global) Vanish Command Broadcast...
  3. Swqpping

    [$14.99] Plex Staff | Discord Moderation/Staff Panel

    Click here to purchase the bot! Click here to purchase the bot! Click here to purchase the bot! Click here to purchase the bot!
  4. Yamiru

    Hiring discord staff

    Contribute as an admin to our Discord community that is continuously expanding and be a part of its development! I can't pay you in cash, but you'll definitely get some experience out of it. Assist in the interactive and friendly environment. Take part in the decision-making process to determine...
  5. UnforgivableSins

    Looking for Investor, Management, Media & Staff

    Hello, I am the owner of Rumble. I am currently looking for investors, management, media, and staff! I am planning on doing this as a Battle Royale Server/UHC, or some mini game, not sure! This server is brand new and still very, very, very new in development. I'm looking for someone to help me...
  6. Miconi

    Olympus Addon | Ultimate Message Manager v1.0

    NOTICE: This is addon for Olympus Bot (Visit Here). This is not a standalone bot and requires bot to operate. The add-on allows you to delete messages from channels with additional arguments:
  7. LynxX

    Shield Ranks V2 v1.0

  8. Swqpping

    Plex Staff | Discord Staff Panel v1.0.2

    If you have any problems with the bot, please contact us before leaving a review! Important: This bot will not run without a license key. 1 license key can be used on a max of 3 Discord servers If you want to use the bot on more than 3 Discord servers, you will have to purchase an additional...
  9. ItzAyo

    FREE | Skript - Chat Filter v1.0

    Chat Filter skript: The chat filter skript, is a free skript that allows staff members to block inappropriate chat messages and stop players from sending them. Add words to the chat filter, Remove words from the chat filter, Clear the whole chat filter, View the chat filter list...
  10. ItzAyo

    FREE | Skript - Chat Moderation Pack v1.2

    Chat Moderation Pack: The chat moderation pack is a free skript, consisting of 3 simple skripts. Features: 1. Clear chat: - this allows staff with the sufficient permission to clear the chat 2. Mute chat: - this allows staff with the sufficient permission to mute chat, and make players unable...
  11. GlowingStudios

    gStaffTeam | Staff Team Plugin v1.0.5

  12. Angelillo

    Nookure Chat v1.0.1

    Test the plugin in
  13. Lilshroom

    Minecraft Server Core Skript v1.0

    FEATURES: Set your Spawn /Discord Command Mute Chat Clear Chat Rules Command Broadcast Rename Inv See Ender See Lots of permissions for staff! PERMISSIONS: op - Setting your Spawn chat.mute - Mute the chat chat.mute.bypass - Bypass Chat Mutes chat.clear - Ability to clear the chat...
  14. Lilshroom

    Minecraft Staff Chat Skript v1.0

    FEATURES: Permission specific! Creates a private chat channel just for you and desired members!
  15. Lilshroom

    Minecraft Staff Mode Skript v1.0

    FEATURES: A very customizable .sk file! Permission specific! Teleport randomly between players Vanish
  16. wandr

    HistoryX | GUI-based Moderation v1.0.1

    HistoryX | v1.0.1 | Configuration Revamp HistoryX is a plugin that provides a solution to history viewing when conducting moderative actions. Using default systems such as chat-based history becomes too cluttered and hard to use; HistoryX upgrades to a clean, seamless experience utilizing...
  17. NekrosBurek

    Olympus Addon | Advanced Chat Filter v1.1.0

    NOTICE: This is addon for Olympus Bot (Visit Here). This is not a standalone bot and requires bot to operate. /filter add [word] - Add a word!. /filter remove [word] - Remove a word!. /filter list - Check the filter list ! Advanced filter supports interaction as well as prefix commands!i...
  18. Max.DEV

    Tags Manager v1.5

    Unleash the power of customization with our intuitive Tags Manager – your all-in-one solution for managing game overhead UI and chat tags. 🔆 Key Features: Seamlessly link group ranks to tags Connect individual players to specific tags Unlimited tag options for ultimate personalization...
  19. ShadowCorp

    Report System | Twelve Spade v1.0

    Simple and Cheap Report System Report System is a way for players to give any kind of feedback to the developers/Owner of the game. It can also be used as a reporting tool to report exploiters or any sort of problems in your game. Warning: Before purchasing, It is highly recommended to have...
  20. Zeroknights


    Discord: Ressource: