1. D

    Multipurpose Discord Bot v14 v1.0

    This comprehensive Discord Bot code offers a versatile suite of features designed to enhance any server's functionality and engagement. Key features include: 1. Ticketing System: Efficiently manage support requests with a robust ticketing system, ensuring smooth and organized communication...
  2. Anup

    All In One Bot v1.1

    ♾ All For One Discord Bot Source Overview Hi there👋🏻 In this project, we built a discord bot that has all the features of other bots. This bot has features such as ticketing system, giveaway system, music system, backup system, social media alert system, moderation system, fun system...
  3. Bunana

    Two 25x25 multipurpose arena's v1.0

    Two multipurpose arena's which are flat and great for anything that you need an arena for especially pvp with the surrounding theme of a Badlands biome and a farm!
  4. lrmn

    Discord Bot Multipurpose With Dashboard v5.5.2

    Fully Source Code Fully Source Code of Discord Multipurpose With: Prefix Command, Slash Command & Dashboard 24/7 help support on discord server Admin, AutoMod, Anime, Economy, Fun, Giveaway, Image, Invite, Information, Moderation, Music, Owner, Social, Statistics, Suggestion, Ticket, Utility...
  5. ByCoquito1


    Raven Solutions is completely crazy and until 10 PM EST Time we will have this incredible discount for those who want to take advantage of the purchase of Discord Bots. Raven Bot SRC noObf With Resell Rights Magnus Licenses SRC noObf With Resell Rights Raven Tickets SRC noObf With Resell...
  6. ByCoquito1

    Mega Big Discount on Discord Bots

    We are very pleased to announce our October super discount on our Discord Bots. You can find it here: Raven Bot: Click here Raven Tickets: Click here Magnus Licenses: Click here If you have some questions or doubt you can find me on our Discord Server. Discord Tag...
  7. ByCoquito1

    Raven Bot | Multipurpose | 100% Deobfuscated

    Raven Bot have more than 100 features, incluiding Ticket system, Level System, Economy, Welcomes & Leaves, and so more features. Fully Configurable. For more information or any doubt you can join to our Discord Server and remove the doubt.
  8. ByCoquito1

    Raven Bot | Multipurpose Discord Bot v1.0.2

    Features • Ticket System • Buttons Panel • Dropdown Panel • One-Button Panel • Ticket Reason • Transcripts & Claim & Reopen • Alert Command • Rename Command • Close Command • Add Command • Remove command • Suggestion System • Command suggestion • Panel suggestions • Accept & Reject Suggestions •...
  9. Hype6969

    Multipurpose Discord Bot

    I can create your own custom multipurpose discord bot in the choice of yours NOTE All payments are done with US Dollar (USD), Crypto and MYR. Online banking is not supported. Pricing Private Bots (1-10 servers): Starting from $5 Private Bots (11-100 servers): Starting from $10 Public Bots...
  10. Hype6969

    Custom discord bots

    I create custom discord bot (multipurpose) for you with cheap prices. DM me in discord (Hypæ#8040) if you want one. Pricing: We can discuss this in DMs ;)
  11. RafaelB

    Vysu | Discord Bot | Moderation, Fun, Tickets, Utility v1.0

    LINKS: Discord: Documentation:
  12. Jaapio