music bot

  1. RonaldZav

    Music for RU-CORE v1.0

    Commands: /play - Play music by searching for it by name or URL /djrole - Add or remove a role from the DJ list Features: It is 99% customizable. Supports multi-guild. Play music from Youtube and Spotify. Low resource consumption. Guided installation (request help through the support...
  2. Axo Coder

    Neon Music | Advanced Discord Music Bot v1.1

    Introducing Neon Music Your all-in-one Discord music bot. With premium music quality, utility commands, immersive filters, and playlist management, Neon Music delivers a top-tier audio experience. Elevate your server's music scene and keep the groove alive with Neon Music!
  3. OG07DZ

    Family Music | Discord Music Bot v1.0

    Family Music ✨ Family Music - The Best Discord Music Bot Source Free Developer Filters Information Music Premium Help Commend: Music Control Features Easy to run (just make sure Java is installed, and run!) Fast loading of songs No external keys needed (besides a Discord Bot token) Smooth...
  4. Dornox

    Music Bot | Premium System & Setup Sys v1.1.0

    ## 💎 Features - Advanced Music System With Buttons - Song Request Channel - 24/7 Mode - Radio - Playlist Editor - 6+ Languages - Multi Language - Slash Commands - Custom Filters - Playlist System - Premium System - Play Song Using File - Cooldown System - Shard System - Auto Reconnect - Auto...
  5. M

    Music Bot v1.0

    Best Music Bot With Premium Commands And features Like(Premium,Autoplay,24/7,8d,bassboost,Spotify Music,Youtube Music,Sound cloud and apple Music Supported) Developed and Deployed By Mahit
  6. lrmn

    Discord Music Bot Premium System v8.5.7

    Supported Sources Our bot supports a wide range of music sources, including: YouTube SoundCloud Apple Music Deezer Twitch Spotify And more... Features & Functions Our Discord music bot comes packed with powerful features: Premium System User & Server Vote lock Command with Setup System...
  7. Automating

    SiddZic | Advanced Music Bot v2.0

  8. LexCraft

    Multi Purpose Ticket Bot v1.0

    An amazing multipurpose bot that allows you to create tickets with forms! All that remains is to execute the !ticketcat add (category) command to add a category and it will work correctly, easy to edit code, in addition to an amazing optimization, it also has another 124 commands that will help...
  9. techy

    Melody | Discord Music Bot v2.0

  10. OptusWiFi

    IUNGO v2 BETA v2.1.3

    IF UPDATING FROM v2.1.1 OR BELOW, PLEASE DELETE OLD CONFIG.YML IUNGO Plugin is made to interact with the IUNGODiscord Music Bot. Please note: Use of this plugin requires the IUNGO DISCORD BOT to be inside your Discord Server. NEED HELP?: Find me on Discord Ethan...
  11. JWdev

    Piano v1.2.3

    A Minecraft plugin that adds a playable piano to the game would allow players to interact with a piano in the game world. This piano would function just like a real-life piano, allowing players to play individual notes or full melodies using their real keyboard with Desktop app connection. The...
  12. Hembessy

    Mixelate - Premium Discord Bots

  13. Zorino

    UltimateMusic | BrayanBot Addon v1.0.2

    • Music Logs • 20+ Music Filters • Message Music Panel • Buttons Music Control Panel • AppleMusic, SoundCloud, Deezer, Spotify Support Music Panel Preview ClearOnLeave: false DefaultVolume: 80 StopDelay: 5s MusicLogs: music-notifs MessageMusic: Enabled: true Channel: music-cmds...
  14. Vhost


  15. Vhost

    VHOST | Hosting Company | TS3 , MUSICBOTS & CSGO SERVERS |

  16. RonCoder0020

    Discord.js Bot | Custom Discord Bot | Public Discord bot | All kinds of Discord bot

    Hello there! I am offering Discord bots made using Discord.js library. Whether it is for a single server (a custom bot) or a bot for public use (high priced). I can make all kinds of bots Leveling system Moderation Music Giveaways (with requirements) Fun Games Image manipulation Server...
  17. ZingyAwesome

    ZeoBot // The Ultimate Discord Bot v3.0.3

    ZeoBot is a multipurpose Discord bot featuring all of the modules your server will love including moderation, tickets, XP, anti-raid tools, music and giveaways, for the cheapest price possible. ZeoBot is very developer-friendly, with a custom addon-manager, developers, including yourself, can...