1. StellarMine

    Instruments | Stellar Oraxen Pack v1.0

    ORAXEN (By Uxon) €19.99 EUR
  2. MineShimado

    BOOMBOX - Portable music box v1.12-1.20.6

    This plugin allows you to add any .nbs format music to the game, set a purchase price for it, and also listen to it in radio mode, in unified format and in playlist mode. Also you can use headphones, volumes and take boombox with you in your journey! Sounds will be produced by...
  3. OG07DZ

    Family Music | Discord Music Bot v1.0

    Family Music ✨ Family Music - The Best Discord Music Bot Source Free Developer Filters Information Music Premium Help Commend: Music Control Features Easy to run (just make sure Java is installed, and run!) Fast loading of songs No external keys needed (besides a Discord Bot token) Smooth...
  4. matejskubic

    Ancient Roman Music v1.0

    Music pack of 7 Ancient Roman songs. Perfect for ambience, background music or even loading screen musics. Durations of music ranges from 3:20 minutes all the way up to 4:50 minutes.
  5. iPlexity

    iPlexity | Custom Backpacks v1.0

    iPlexity | Custom Backpacks Backpacks Included in Resource: Futuristic Backpack Hunting Backpack Jet Pack Backpack [Animated] Musical Backpack Samurai Backpack Scuba Backpack Solar Powered Backpack [Animated] Space Backpack [Animated] Steampunk Backpack [Animated] Wizard Backpack Quick...
  6. puffrowe

    Lobby Music for your game v1.0

    The best lobby music for your game! Pay once, use forever! Watch demo video for preview. Contact me for any questions. :)
  7. Zeroknights


    Discord: Ressource:
  8. Dornox

    Kepler | Multipurpose Discord Bot v1.0.3

    Discord Server Support is not provided. Bot is outdated.
  9. hzdaniel

    multifunctional bot | Discord Bot 0

    Amazing bot with suggestions, votes and statistics using buttons Rating system Suggestion system music system Review system confession system Survey system Anti-link system Mini games to guess the number Suggest default Suggest stats Available in English and Spanish
  10. xIdentified

    TavernBard v1.2.2

    REQUIRES: 1. Citizens OR MythicMobs 2. Custom resourcepack (default is provided but you must make one to add your own songs!) IMPORTANT - When converting files to OGG make sure the sound channel is mono! TavernBard allows you to apply the 'bard' trait to any of your Citizens NPCs. Turn your...
  11. PixelMine

    Indoor Models v1.0

    15 Models Crates Setups for Oraxen and ItemsAdder, just Drag & Drop 1.19+ compatible
  12. Delvina Novax

    Electric Music Guitar v1.0

    The Guitor 3D model for Minecraft – a sleek and vibrant musical addition to your blocky world! This guitar-inspired model comes in four electrifying colors: yellow, green, red, and blue. Enhance your Minecraft experience with this stylish and compact musical instrument.
  13. SobkySK

    Melody Player v1.0.1

    Enriches your gaming experience with a symphony of sounds, playing a diverse selection of songs and melodies that resonate with every action and event within the game. It's an auditory journey that enhances gameplay, making every moment feel like its own unique score. Musical delight, infusing...
  14. Rubjah

    Chill music for Roblox game v1.0

    Join our Discord server for more information or if you have any questions! Chill music for restaurants, cafes, main menu's and more! Check the YouTube video for a preview. (the "Ok" sound is for copyright)
  15. SuperMax_8

    BoostedAudio - Proximity VoiceChat/Music v2.16.6

    BoostedAudio is a web-based plugin that provides proximity chat and music/sfx streaming with self-webhost with great performances. Now compatible with Bungeecoord, Velocity and Folia, multi server. Main features: Web page fully customizable Self-WebHost with audio file manager (You can also...
  16. nitrixexe

    Evolution X | A Multipurpose Discord Bot v1.6

    Contact on: @draken.thorne for support Graphics Inspired From: Swqpping Support Server: TOS: No Refunds You cannot Resell, Redistribute or Repost this bot Works on Nodejs v18-lts
  17. techy

    Melody | Discord Music Bot v2.0

  18. OptusWiFi

    IUNGO v2 BETA v2.1.3

    IF UPDATING FROM v2.1.1 OR BELOW, PLEASE DELETE OLD CONFIG.YML IUNGO Plugin is made to interact with the IUNGODiscord Music Bot. Please note: Use of this plugin requires the IUNGO DISCORD BOT to be inside your Discord Server. NEED HELP?: Find me on Discord Ethan...
  19. EliteCreatures

    Musical Instrument Cosmetic v1.3

    Included in the Musical Instrument Cosmetic: Conga Harmonica Maraca Tambourine Microphone Stick Hat Big Drum Headband
  20. JWdev

    Piano v1.2.3

    A Minecraft plugin that adds a playable piano to the game would allow players to interact with a piano in the game world. This piano would function just like a real-life piano, allowing players to play individual notes or full melodies using their real keyboard with Desktop app connection. The...