1. A

    Nametag v2.0

    Part of the Architech's Exclusive collection, this product draws inspiration from Sharkuses's British Army. It is considered to be one of the finest examples of its kind. This Nametag is similar to Nametag V1, but with brand new UI. Clean User Interface. Rank Icons automatically adjusted based...
  2. DoomerTheDev

    AFK Tag V2 v2.0

    Description To set up just follow the instructions under the README which will be in the OPEN ME folder. - It's just dragging and dropping two folders to where it specifies and your all done. If you tab out of the game you get an Overhead AFK Tag and a Forcefield around your player. RGB Tag...
  3. DoomerTheDev

    Overhead UI V3 v3.0

    Description Really good. advanced and cheap ranktags for your military or roblox game! Scripted GUIS Displays group rank Displays username Customizable Easy to setup
  4. Oasis Studio

    Sci Fi - Name Tag System v1.0

    Mod Call System (customizable) Features: – Call a mod (sends a message to a discord channel using webhooks – Two ways to open the panel (topbar is on by default after purchase – Ui is easily able to be changed Problems? Contact me on discord: void_w
  5. XiaoMoMi

    CustomNameplates v2.3.3.8

    CustomNameplates Create texts with images Github - Document - Discord Note: This a recreation of an inactive plugin on Spigot. It requires a resource pack to work! The original post can be found here Link. It's a pity that the original developer has abandoned it for some reason. It has been...
  6. PixelMine

    Name Tag Icons v1.2

    56 high quality seaonal title nametags for your server shop, plus 8 blank nametags and a PSD file with text layed out to create your own nametags. Offer them all at once or limit them to seasonal rewards.
  7. deiphiz

    Custom Plugin for Managing Player Titles/Labels (But not the display)

    Hi, I'm looking for a developer to make a custom plugin I have in mind for my server. Titles Management Plugin This plugin will allow players to pick a title/label such as "PvP Tournament Winner" or "Guild Owner". The plugin won't handle the display of the title (I'm already using TAB to...
  8. natesbuilds

    Nametag Plugin

    Looking for a plugin that can either, take the prefix from Ultra Permissions and set it as a prefix above a players head next to their name. Or a plugin where I can create the tags myself, and give each of them have their own permission so I can just give a group a permission (for example, I...
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