1. 14kTriad

    SAF FORMAL NO4s v1.0

    SAF NO.4s Includes: ARMY NO.4s SMART + LONG NAVY NO.4s SMART + LONG AIRFORCE NO.4s SMART + LONG The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) No.4 uniform, also known as the "Temasek Green" uniform, is primarily used as a battle dress uniform (BDU) by SAF personnel. It is designed to provide...
  2. 14kTriad

    SAF FORMAL NO3s v1.0

    SAF NO.3s Includes: ARMY NO.3s LONG + SHORT NAVY NO.3s LONG + SHORT AIRFORCE NO.3s LONG + SHORT The Singapore Armed Forces Formal No. 3 uniform is typically used for formal occasions and ceremonies. It is considered the most formal attire for regular SAF personnel. The No. 3 uniform...
  3. 14kTriad

    SAF FORMAL NO1s v1.0

    SAF NO.1s Includes: ARMY NO.1s NAVY NO.1s AIRFORCE NO.1s The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Formal No.1 uniform is primarily used for ceremonial and formal occasions. It is the most formal attire worn by SAF personnel and is equivalent to dress uniforms worn by military personnel in other...
  4. Bismarck

    Generic British Port v1.0

    A Generic British Port based on the endless ports across the United Kingdom, this map represents the modern aesthetic of British ports in the current day. This port comes with a large variety of space to roleplay endlessly with the large space provided by this map, this map has a large harbour...
  5. cyberoverload

    Navy Warfare Pack 0

    The Naval Warfare Pack: – 2 Incredible Battleships equipped with working weaponry – Fully Functioning Radar Systems – Incredible Captain Control Panel with advanced GUI – Deck Mounted Turrets and Remote-Armed Weaponry – A Fully Custom Blizzard R9 AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter with working...
  6. Broken_HMS

    Royal Navy Covers v1.0

    The Royal Navy is the United Kingdom's naval warfare force and a component of His Majesty's Naval Service. Although warships were used by English and Scottish kings from the early medieval period, the first major maritime engagements were fought in the Hundred Years' War against France.
  7. AlexP21

    Combat Engineering Pack v1.0

    high quality models
  8. Sonagod

    Imperial Navy v1.0

    Imperial Navy ships, roughly to humanoid scale.
  9. LuaTECH

    USS Nimitz Aircraft Carrier v1.0

    product that is highly optimized for your gaming experiences. Don't forget to check our store for other products and models In case of any problems and malfunctions, you can contact us on Discord! VIDS OF CARRIER ...
  10. LuaTECH

    USS Nathan James v1.0

    USS Nathan James (DDG-80) is the lead ship of her class. The ship has a beam of 59 feet (18 m), a draft of 27 feet (8.2 m), and a length of 466 feet (142 m), with a rated speed of 38 knots (43.73 mph; 70.38 km/h). Come discord for help/issue Clips ...
  11. LuaTECH

    USS Nimitz Aircraft Carrier v1.0

    product that is highly optimized for your gaming experiences. Don't forget to check our store for other products and models In case of any problems and malfunctions, you can contact us on Discord! VIDS OF CARRIER ...
  12. WilliamIndustries

    Oman v1.0

    A country besides the Arabian Sea. Map size is 10,000x10,000 studs The feature of the map is the vast openness of the map. Buildings are all custom made as well all doors are custom made independent from ACS so they will open with any gun script you choose to use. The OMAN is beside the Arabian...
  13. ShadowCorp

    Arleigh Burke | Volt Incorporated v1.0

    Have you ever wanted a working naval ship in your own military roleplay game for Roblox? With this fully scripted, completely custom, and decorated interior, you can have a very immersive roleplay. - Fully Scripted - Super Realistic - Advanced Combat Mechanisms - Detailed Interior - Large...
  14. WilliamIndustries

    Combatant Craft Medium v1.0

    Having entered initial service in late 2015, the Combatant Craft Medium (CCM) Mk 1 is a relatively recent addition to the fleet of the Naval Special Warfare. SWCC Special Boat Teams operate CCMs. The MK V Special Operations Craft (MK V SOC), which is now withdrawn from service, and the NSW...
  15. WilliamIndustries

    Armidale-Class Patrol Boat v1.0

    The Armidale class is a patrol boat designed for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). The project, originally a joint project with Malaysia, was canceled due to Malaysia's withdrawal. In 1999, the RAN participated in SEA 1444, selecting the Austal Ships/Defence Maritime Services proposal for twelve...
  16. WilliamIndustries

    Naval Gear Pack v1.0

    This pack contains the following gear pieces – Mich Helmet – Unmarked Navy Cap – Headset – Navy PASGT Vest – Anti-flash White Mask – Anti-flash Gloves – Universal coveralls (folded and unfolded sleeves)
  17. Bismarck

    Sukhoi Su-25 Frogfoot v1.0

    The Sukhoi Su-25 Frogfoot is a subsonic, single-seat, twin-engine jet aircraft developed in the Soviet Union by Sukhoi. It was designed to provide close air support for Soviet Ground Forces. It is currently used across many former soviet states including Russia, Ukraine, Kazahkhstan and as well...
  18. AlexP21

    Obstacle Course Asset Pack v1.0

    A Obstacle Course with 10 obstacles.
  19. AlexP21

    Military Base Entrance Gate v1.0

    A Military Main gate with 3 standing spots and booths (With interior) + Sidewalk and Cover. Can also be used as a toll station.
  20. AlexP21

    Asian Deployment Map v1.0

    Large mangrove swamp-based deployment map in Asia with numerous swamps, compounds and other buildings to simulate realistic combat missions.
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