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need a dev dev

  1. JewishCap

    HCF server [Need Developer, Builder]

    Hey so I'm thinking on starting up a new a server with the genre: HCF / KitPvP. I am recruiting Developers (1 maybe 2) I am also recruiting Builders (depending) Contact me via email [email protected] ALSO RECRUITING YOUTUBER IF SERVER WORKS OUT.
  2. Drissel

    Looking For A developer that is good with hcf

    hello there, Today im looking for a developer who can set up my hcf server in 2 weeks. We will be willin to pay $15. But with the $15 we would like to get a hacking alert plugin like para but not so much like para.When i mean not so like para i mean not as responsive as para as that will cost...
  3. I

    need some one who knows how to code

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