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need builders

  1. S

    Looking For Builders For A Classic Prison Server

    Hello, I am in need of experienced builders that are well aware of WorldEdit / WorldGuard commands that are also able to build a prison. I am not looking for an insane top tier looking prison, but just something that is decent and is easy to navigate through to make it easier for players to...
  2. Uniwhale

    ◈》Requesting Developers & Builders!!《◈

  3. Sup3r0001

    Need Experienced Builders (Java, PAID)

    ThunderMC is Hiring! ➤「Positions Needed」 Builders (Java) ➤「Qualifications」 Past resume of builds. Of which are not stolen. Need to be able to design Skyblock related builds. Need to be able to build space/astral theme's. ➤「Payment」 Depending on your work and how long you continue working...
  4. noktw

    CelestePvP - Recruiting Trainees, Builders and Devs

    Hello everyone, I am the Owner of a newly released practice server, CelestePvP. We are currently looking for builders, trainees and developers. More info about each position below: CelestePvP is a 1.7.10 - 1.8.9 practice server striving to become one of the big ones! We are determined to ensure...
  5. helixcraft

    New Beta Gun Server. Factions with guns!

    Helix Network Hello, I am a Manager at Helix Network, we are currently looking for Experienced and well-trained Builders for our server, Requirements We are Looking for people that have 1+ experience as a builder or staff, we will require you to Apply On The Server Or Discord, you must have a...
  6. Schlittertopia

    KursMC is looking for staff! | BUILDERS HELPERS and DEVS | are needed please apply now!

    Hello everyone! KursMc Is one of my Upcoming projects! and my and my small team have been hard at work on the server and we have determined that we need more staff so if you want to be apart of the next big thing please keep reading Our server has it all were planning on a Minigames Portion an...
  7. P

    CobraCraft staff recruitment

    Staff recruitment I own a small server called CobraCraft, We are in need of active staff, as we are going to start advertising soon Gamemodes Skyblock Survival What we can offer We have many staff tools, including a great anticheat, staff mode, custom coded punishment...
  8. PradyXT

    Large RPG Project Requiring LONG TERM Builders | Paid

    ABOUT In contrast to Wynncraft or other servers, we will have a continuous story, which will lead you through five Acts, each based on their own continent with different cities, cultures and gameplay. We will release the Acts one after another, so the players will be already able to experience...
  9. Pedrayy


    Hello, previously, we have opened applications, at the start of this network. We began 5 months ago, as a HCF Network, and we thought it would be best to go back to the game mode Practice, to bring a network with amazing features, and open a network that players, can experience a fantastic...
  10. Deadman454

    AurumNetwork | Builders Needed!

    Hello, It's me again, We're running a little low on Builders at the moment and are currently looking for some new ones. We are currently working on a Roleplay world, which the theme is fairly obvious, a town/city build it's a big project but we are sure we can do it. If you are interested you...
  11. Ustrini

    Looking for builders to be apart of server's build team!

    Hello, I am looking for builders to be apart of a server's build team. This server is going to be a dungeon type server. We are trying to build a community and make something that people love. We are going for a Middle-evil style. We do have some builders and we would love to add to our team. We...
  12. Elkoy

    Elkoy Recruitment

    Elkoy About us: We are a 1.15.2 Survival Server. It is currently being developed as a Semi-Vanilla server - with some custom touches added. Once we can establish a Community & player base, the project will move towards Mini-Games, as well as taking on & developing more creative & challenging...
  13. ItzIndyNL


    Do you think you have what it takes to become a builder for the Soltix Network? Want to apply? Well now you can, but however there are a couple of basic requirements that you will have to meet before we can grant you the rank. These requirements consist of the following as listed below - 1. You...
  14. SillyJohn

    Builders for a Prison server.

    If you're interested in building for a Prison server please contact me on Discord John Bowen#1353 Builds required: Spawn / Mines / Arena / Other I will not be replying to this Thread, please add me on Discord if you wish to discuss further. Thank you :) Have a nice day!
  15. ItzBunniYT

    Mods Admins Co-Owner Builders Developers Needed new network

    Im the founder of Cobranetwork and we are in need of all staff ranks.We offer Skyblock,SkyPvP,KitPvP,Factions,HCF,Factions,Practice,Minigames.We have premium plugins and a core. ip
  16. B


    Hello! My Name is Agdto65, and I am Looking for Staff on my SB Server! I Am Currently Looking for: Developers: Needs to have Experience with Plugins and Must Be Active Builders: Needs to have building experience and must be Active. Apply Here at our Discord!: Good...
  17. M

    I need some builders for a small spawn

    Hello!. I am making a survival minecraft server but i need like 2-3 builders. If you would like to build a small spawn please contact me on discord at Mystifier_Modz#4810
  18. ItzBunniYT

    MCHQ.CF New network Staff needed and players

    MCHQ is the most amazing cloud network you will ever find! We have mind-blowing amazing builds, A lot of friendly and supportive staff, an new player base community and an custom forum webpage being developed!We are looking for staff and builders and players and this server is only in beta but...
  19. B

    RMW Legends | Needs Managers, Devs, and Builders!

    Hello! My name is Bagsdto75! We are Desperately looking for Devs, Builders, and Managers. If you are looking to apply, you must meet the Following Requirements: 1. Must Be active 2. Must Have a Clean Slate 3. Must be confident in what There doing 4. Must have Bungee Knowledge (Dev Only) 5. Must...
  20. B

    RMW Legends | Need Devs, Builders, and Managers!

    Hello! My name is Bagsdto75! We are Desperately looking for Devs, Builders, and Managers. If you are looking to apply, you must meet the Following Requirements: 1. Must Be active 2. Must Have a Clean Slate 3. Must be confident in what There doing 4. Must have Bungee Knowledge (Dev Only) 5. Must...
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