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need players

  1. blammerjammer

    Cernunnos Survival | Need Staff & Players | Nether Survival

    We are still working on it to make it better but we are going to open it up to hopfully get staff & players. We have been working on it for awhile now. Staff Applications are under #information Discord:
  2. AwimbaWeh

    ●LambCraft Server needs staff and players!《JOIN NOW》●

    Helo! So LambCraft is new factions server and we need staff and more players! Staff Positions open: ♡Helper♡ If u want to apply for Staff,please dm SleepyLV#9192 or PRO8L3M#0162 《《《JOIN NOW!》》》
  3. AwimbaWeh

    DeviL Network need staff and OWNER who can pay for server

    Helo! I just started creating Network..I need someone whos will be another OWNER and he can pay for server,becuse im rn paying for website. .. Normal staff dm me AwimbaWeh#9192 or join dc and whos want to be OWNER join to and dm me! AwimbaWeh#9192 or join dc! JOIN!
  4. Hsdidid1

    Champions network

    Champions network ! We have a lot of games that you will enjoy! We need staff and players. We have: • SkyBlock • PvP/Duels • KitPvP • And More Soon! We are always adding in more features! We are a new community so we need these at the moment! • More Members! • more people in the server...
  5. L

    Minecraft server need UK players

    Im searching for promotion ways, youtubers and everything for my UK based minecraft network which is opening soon. Contact me here in the forum or via PM!
  6. Bunnnni

    ExonicMC | Staff Positions Open

    ExonicMC [1.8.x - 1.16.x] We are a friendly, community-driven server network that provides a fun and relaxing experience with an active and dedicated staff team, we aim to constantly improve your experience on our server. Currently looking for developers who can make custom plugins for us...
  7. Bunnnni

    PhantomHQ Club looking for players and staff

    Who are we? We are a group of individuals who strive to provide the best of SkyBlock, Prison, Factions, Survival and any other gamemode that we are planning on releasing in the future. All of these will be available for you guys to play on using our server IP which will be written down below...
  8. S

    Need players and staff!

    Hi i am a developer for right now our server is in development and we need player and staff for when we open please dm me on discord Stormy09#2007
  9. Titeiiko

    Minecraft Earth Server Valorb| Wars, Alliance, Nations

    deleted post
  10. R


  11. W

    [] A new and evolving towny server

    Hello, I am part of the staff team for the Minecraft server PersistedMc. We would love it if you guys could come and join the server and try it out for your self. Features: 1. Active Staff. 2. Active players. 3. Meet people from around the globe. 4. Create and explore towns around the world...
  12. S

    Looking for MC Server Advertising

    Hello. I am currently the owner of a Minecraft server called SolsticeFactions. I have about a 15-25 Playerbase. The server is constantly growing and welcoming new people to the community. My focus is to bring back the old 2017 OG Factions feeling. its kinda like basic survival with a few custom...
  13. Rambler

    ArsenticMC [Needs Players!]

    Edited, was not meant to be posted here.
  14. yunksoup

    CookieMoonMC Need staff & builders!

    Hey, My name is yunksoup and I am currently working on the development of bungee cord server. At the moment we are still developing the server and will be open for beta soon! There will be many game modes such as KitPvP, SkyBlock, and Factions. We currently need staff and builders. If you are...
  15. Davecraft47


    Website: Discord: Buycraft: -=+=- About the server -=+=- We are a Prison server who loves to see the community make itself into something where memories can be made. We are looking to grow our community to...
  16. ccx21024

    JumboMC | Need Experienced Staff

    Hey! I'm thenyklyfe. I am the community manager of JumboMC. JumboMC is a survival server that is in need of staff, and players on the server. I need dedicated, active staff that can be on almost every day. If you are interested, it would be greatly appreciated. Requirements: - Must be at least...
  17. M

    Need staff for a new survival server.

    Hello! My name is Mystifier_Modz i just made a new survival server called omnicraft. I need to advertise and get some staff and players. Right now i need more players and i need 1 more helper.if you would like to join this server please join our discord server
  18. ItzBunniYT

    Mods Admins Co-Owner Builders Developers Needed new network

    Im the founder of Cobranetwork and we are in need of all staff ranks.We offer Skyblock,SkyPvP,KitPvP,Factions,HCF,Factions,Practice,Minigames.We have premium plugins and a core. ip
  19. ItzBunniYT

    MCHQ.CF New network Staff needed and players

    MCHQ is the most amazing cloud network you will ever find! We have mind-blowing amazing builds, A lot of friendly and supportive staff, an new player base community and an custom forum webpage being developed!We are looking for staff and builders and players and this server is only in beta but...
  20. liltype

    UltraHardCore based server (UHC, Meetup)

    Hello everyone, I am owning a server with my friend called FaceSlap_. So server (HydraNetwork) is fully done just need some more players. If you are intrested in advertaising we are offering 15$ to anyone that invites 150 members to our discord. Also ingame ranks for 50+ invites. About the...
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