need staff

  1. Axiom Rising

    🔥Axiom Rising: Recruiting now! ✅ All positions open - ⬇

    As we approach the launch phase, brimming with anticipation and excitement, we're on the lookout for talented individuals to join our ranks. Whether you're a wizard in advertising, a master of moderation, or a creative genius in building, your skills are invaluable to us. Let's make Minecraft...
  2. ausi

    Up and Coming Competitive Minigames Server Looking for Staff Members and Beta Testers! Discord: stellatewizard8
  3. Bryson0518

    HazardousMC | Survival, Prison, Generators/Tycoon | NEED Staff, Builders, Developers, Technicians, and Graphic Designers

    My discord is Bryson0518 Server ip
  4. UnforgivableSins

    Searching for an Owner for my upcoming Survival Server.

    Hello! I am currently looking for another owner that is willing to invest into my upcoming survival server. You must be over 15+ years of age. very friendly and mature and of course must have experience. Discord Link - Make a ticket.
  5. UnforgivableSins

    Recruiting Staff,Media,Players for my upcoming survival server |

    Hello, everyone! My name is UnforgivableSins, I am the owner and founder of Beast Survival. I am currently reaching out looking for active staff and a nice community to go with it. Links: Discord: Owner Discord: unforgivablesin
  6. Johandrex

    Need Staff | Powercraft

    Experienced Staff Wanted for Powercraft! Hello Minecraft Enthusiasts! We're excited to announce that Powercraft, a server with a rich history dating back to 2012, is making a grand comeback! Our mission is to revive the spirit of the server and create an even better gaming experience for our...
  7. acedchains


  8. Turrbo


  9. zetar

    💫 ZetarMC 💫 | Managers, Admins, and Mods Needed!!! 🚨Opening Skyblock Server🚨

    Info: ZetarMC is currently a Skyblock server set to release very soon![/font] I've been working on the server for a while now and it's finally just about ready to go! I know I'm gonna need some dedicated helpers so I'm here looking for staff members and management, please read below for more...
  10. daveyhaha

    [Looking for Staff] WavyMC (Minecraft SMP 1.20.1)

    Minecraft SMP (1.20.1) Hey guys, I'm here requesting some dedicated and hardworking Staff for our NEW Minecraft server. Myself and Snipper are content creators and we're opening a SMP for our followers & hopefully some newcomers. Snipper is a Hypixel Youtube Rank, and I also stream daily on...
  11. ArcadeHub23

    🕹️ ArcadeHub Recruiting Staff!

    ArcadeHub Network Ip: Website: Discord: Info: ArcadeHub is a passion project initiated in 2020. Our goal is to grow a server network and provide our playerbase with a one-of-a-kind experience! We have had several successful...
  12. Stride

    🍊 MineFruit 🍊 Relevant 100+ Concurrent Player-base | Recruiting Skyblock Administrators & General Staff

    Hello all. I am currently recruiting all staff members but with an emphasis on Skyblock competent staff— especially Skyblock administrators! These are not paid positions. Perks of the job include being part of a long-time team that has brought MineFruit into the foreground of LifeSteal, SMP...
  13. Kyus

    GridWars | Staff Needed

    Hello BBB, My name is Kyus and I am looking to recruit a dedicated staff team for our upcoming release. Right now we are a Survival Server but will be expanding into Skyblock in the near future. All positions are volunteer at this time. However, as the server is expanded there will be paid...
  14. UnforgivableSins

    CizzoMC | Earth SMP | Looking for staff!

    We are currently looking for staff including the following! Moderators Administators! Join our discord and make a ticket!
  15. thirtysketch

    Creating a server!

    Hey! My name is thirtysketch and this post is to explain my ideas and ambitions for a new server that I plan on creating. I'll elaborate more about what my plans for this server will be below, I will make sure to keep this post updated as best as I can in order to provide the most current and...
  16. UnforgivableSins

    PrimeHCF | The Revival of HCF | Looking for dedicated staff,media,members.

    PrimeHCF is a new and exciting revival of HCF (Hardcore Factions) that is quickly gaining popularity among Minecraft players. While there have been many attempts to bring back the old HCF experience, PrimeHCF sets itself apart by offering a unique and refreshing gameplay experience. One of the...
  17. UnforgivableSins

    CougerMC | SkyBlock | Looking for Staff & Media

    Attention all gamers and Minecraft enthusiasts! We are excited to announce that CougerMC, our brand new skyblock server, is in the works and will soon be available for players. But we can't do it alone - we are currently looking for dedicated and passionate staff members to join our team and...
  18. FoofiLuna

    Hyronix Survival ☆ Staff Needed ☆ Volunteering Positions

    Welcome To Hyronix Survival We are a small community looking for staff. We have mulitple positions opened up for you to apply for. Our server is still small so we hope to grow a player base soon but it all starts with a few people helping out. These positions are not paid these are voluntary...
  19. ihben

    MAJEMC Needs Staff (1.8-1.19.3)

    MAJEMC SURVIVAL SERVER NEEDS STAFF On behalf of MajeMC I am here to give you a chance to be apart of our staff team, We are a growing Minecraft community with a fun and enjoyable, custom map, survival server. And with our server launch date approaching, we are in need to grow our staff team. If...
  20. UnforgivableSins

    ImperialHCF | Need Staff, Media, Partner ships

    ImperialHCF We are excited to announce that our HCF server will be releasing soon, and we cannot wait to share it with you. Our HCF server is designed to provide a unique and thrilling gaming experience that you won't find anywhere else. Our server is packed with exciting features and gameplay...
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