need youtuber

  1. Caztron

    Rome wasn't built in a day ... Rome SMP ... HIRING CONTENT CREATORS

    Hi All! Verona SMP is a small community survival server with a small, welcoming, and growing player base. It is set during the time of ancient Rome, and people work jobs to make money and rank up in society. Learn more here. As we look to expand, we would like to hire some YouTubers and other...
  2. s1ke

    Looking for English MC SURVIVAL Youtubers (Paid)

    Hey If so happens you are an English Minecraft Youtuber Who likes survival mode or just happens to need extra cash, please contact me on Discord. I need English Minecraft youtubers who offers cheap rates Discord: r0cket#8436
  3. DavidDevelops

    Dungeon-PvP | Recruiting Youtubers (Paid/Free) & Advertisers (Any forms)

    Hello all! I'm David! Founder/Owner of a newly created PvP network (Dungeon-PvP) Though, Right now that doesn't mean much (With luck) soon it will hold just a little bit more weight, Even more so with help from any YouTubers/advertisers like yourselves! Therefore I'm here to recruit! I will have...
  4. AB987

    Requesting Youtubers and Investors

    Yo! I got this server. (I am one of 2 Managers). We need a few more investors as well as people to advertise the server through YT. For YT, have 300 subs or more, and then DM me or Ireen (The Owner) on Discord. For Investor, same deal, except you do not need YT subs to invest. Discord...
  5. ItsDogeYT

    LightningPvP | Looking for youtubers

    Hello! I am Quacko, the head owner of LightningPvP. LightningPvP is a hcf server with kitmap and practice. The first maps will be normal, but we plan to add some game changing twists and change HCF. We are looking for multiple youtubers of multiple sizes. Youtubers eligible for Youtube rank...
  6. TechnoGhost

    New minecraft server need staff

    Dexterity Factions 1.7-1.12 - 8 Corners - Sell wands - Fixed 1.7 Cannoning - Custom Mob Drops - Balanced Economy - No sethome in enemy claims - Trench Pickaxes (3x3 5x5...
  7. Rqman

    OlympianMC | Needs Staff & Youtubers

    Hi there my name is Roman and I am the owner of OlympianMC, a skyblock server that has been in the works for many months. We have had many different artists and developers and I now believe it is time to open the server for BETA release. So far no players have joined and we are in desperate need...
  8. Blakie


    Requesting a few YouTubers to upload a trailer, do a series, or a single video. Message Blakie#6663 on Discord for more information! Requirements: Must have over 2k subs Must have an active viewer base Here is the server discord :
  9. X

    Awakened Land Survival Server (Need Big YTers, Big budget)

    Awakened Land Summary: Hello, I am owner of Awakened Land, Xines. I am here to ask upon anyone in this community if they are willing to record on my server since we are in need of players. The server is a modpack through Technic Launcher, this means it is a modded server with a survival...
  10. Crazyy02

    Im youtuber 3.6k subs need server to make series or stream series! (PARTNERSHIP)

    Hello.Im youtuber with 3.6k subs and im uploading/streaming every day and my subscribers are active too. I need some more serious server to make 20+ episodes. Yes im paid youtuber.Budget is not important because my prices are standard. If u are interested pm me or reply with your discord name...
  11. fil

    [PAID] Need Youtubers (Factions + SMP)

    Hello! I'm Filqh, and I own the Pendulum Network. I'm here today looking for youtubers for my Factions and SMP server. This is paid, and I'm looking for people with a decent amount of subscribers and good views. You must have some sort of reputation stating you've done service for someone. If...
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