new server looking for players

  1. Omar Razgui

    Gemscraft | Factions Season 5 | 1.8.8 - 1.19.2

    Looking for an amazing minecraft factions competitive sever? Gemscraft got you. Join now ! IP : Discord: 2 weeks map 15 mans factions 160 walls max base (20 chunks) 8x8 chunks main base min 3s cannoning Features Mines: autosell upgradable...
  2. K

    Server testers

    A new gta server made a couple weeks ago. Still implementing stuff and need some players to test some things out. We also have staff positions available if you're interested in that as well Builder Application Mod Application
  3. Your Average Teen


    ———————————————————— AtomMC ———————————————————— Who are we? We are a new server that includes Factions and vanilla at the moment. We are releasing a Tweaked Factions mode very soon ———————————————————— Server IP: Version: 1.8.9-1.15.2 Discord...
  4. V


    We are a spigot survival RPG server with plugins to give you the best experience possible! We have mixed your survival experience with custom dungeons, custom mobs & custom items. Survive in the normal world, or fight the monsters in the dungeon. You don't need to worry about griefers since you...
  5. ColonelPrimed98

    Fantasy Islands - Skyblock Server!

    Hello! Thank you for taking time out of your day to take a look at our thread! Fantasy Islands are looking to recruit a professional staff team. What is Fantasy Islands? Fantasy Islands are an upcoming mine craft skyblock server still under development awaiting release. We will be providing the...
  6. Chahuahua

    Aramore | Minecraft 1.13 Custom Survival | STAFF NEEDED

    Aramore is a new survival minecraft server running on 1.13.2! We are a new server looking for active players! We plan to grow the server and expand gamemode options we just need your help to do it! The Aramore server is set to release very soon, so we are looking for mature dedicated staff...
  7. Rqman

    OlympianMC | Needs Staff & Youtubers

    Hi there my name is Roman and I am the owner of OlympianMC, a skyblock server that has been in the works for many months. We have had many different artists and developers and I now believe it is time to open the server for BETA release. So far no players have joined and we are in desperate need...
  8. GuccieGang

    New Skyblock Server Releasing SOON!

    hello there, I am here to let you all know that i have a brand new server releasing called BlazingUniverse! It will be a skyblock server and soon factions. Come join the discord where i post announcements and information about the server. When you join the discord you...
  9. neat

    HeatPvP Recruiting Staff Team !

    HeatPvP Is Now Seeking All Staff Positions ! - Hello! I am here today to officially announce the official recruitment of HeatPvP ! What Is HeatPvP ? We are a growing network that will be bringing all of the most popular and fun play-styles up to date ! - Here at HeatPvP, we know that...
  10. Plus.

    AbyssPvP - Factions - Players & YouTubers wanted.

    Greetings, Welcome to AbyssPvP! We are a factions based server, it is your goal to rule and take over the world of AbyssPvP! Accomplish this by gaining power through any means necessary, regardless of the consequences! Find allies, grow as a team, learn to destroy the likes of any enemy who...
  11. J

    New Factions server 100$ Ftop

    Hello, My friend is running a new factions server, In this faction server there is Duels, Custom Enchants, Stat Track, Tokens, Koth and more 1.8-1.12 . Also one of my favourite features is that at the end of each 2 month period (Season) there is a 100$ paypal/giftcard depending on what you want...
  12. T

    Looking for advertising

    Hello, I've recently made a new factions server and am looking for either a advertising manager or some youtubers 1k+. I am willing to pay per episode to youtubers (price discussed privately) or paying advertising managers to help advertise.
  13. Nuker2016

    FutureCraft Ready for Launch

    Im the Ex-Owner of Exile Networks so today I decided to make a new server since I lost Exile to Mojang and it's called FutureBlock we have skyblock and custom builds so come on over and try us out Ip,
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