1. Dy14n_.x

    Makeshift Items v1.0

    This pack was made using the itemsadder format. ᴛʜɪѕ ᴘᴀᴄᴋ ᴄᴏɴᴛᴀɪɴѕ: 1x hat 1x full armor set 1x sword 1x pickaxe 1x axe 1x shovel 1x hoe
  2. Relqhx

    Klima Practice Core v0.1-SNAPSHOT

    📖 General ↴ ➺ Custom Save Method (MongoDB/FlatFile) ➺ Messages Configurable ➺ Animated Scoreboard ➺ Abilities Items & Partner Item Cooldown ➺ Custom Tablist (Header, Footer) ➺ HCF Classes System ➺ Party System And More.. 📖 Style ↴ ➺ Custom Scoreboard Style ➺ Custom Tablist Style ➺ Custom...
  3. meiszoom

    Kawasaki Ninja H2 v1.0

    Info: -Scripted -Detailed -Drivable
  4. Bmoney

    NEW Carrd Portfolio v1.0

    Info: New & updated Carrd Styled Portfolio! Make sure to read READ ME!!!.txt! If you need any other support make sure to make a ticket in my discord! ( Contains: - Cool animated background Carrd Styled Layout Contact button Area for Profile Picture/Logo, Name, Text...
  5. StNexusStickers

    [shaocon network]... ► The Naruto Server everyone whispers about...

    [shaocon network] The Naruto MMO RPG server that has been in development for 10 years strong! The most detailed, unique, free Naruto server the world has ever seen! [click to visit] Explore any and everything! Discover secrets at every corner! Become as strong as you want! Solo level or...
  6. Spencer Logic

    Looking for Staff (Non-Paid) (Survival Server)

    Looking for staff and or beta players if you aren’t wanting to be staff but still play, I just started working on a server it’s 1.20.4 and looking for staff, doesn’t matter about age as long as your mature!, it’s going to be a Semi-Vanilla Survival Server called DayviewSurvival or DayviewSMP...
  7. zqodev

    LastBlock v1.01

    Commands: /lastblock help /lastblock give <block> /lastblock menu /lastblock reload Permissions: lastblock.give lastblock.reload Contact by Discord: zqodev
  8. DustyBuilds

    DustyBuilds | Bamboo Quest Bay | Spawn v1.0

    Info: ⇒ Huge Survival Spawn With Plenty of Spaces for NPC's ⇒ Size: 657x657 ⇒ Verions: 1.20 ⇒ Contains: 10 Quest Stands 9 Big Houses 1 Animal Pen 1 Wind Mill 1 Bank Building 2 Statues for Specific NPC's Plenty of smaller houses Custom Trees and Props Spawn area with places for NPC's...
  9. Kin90ful

    Looking for Qualified Staff / Administrators

    🔗 MCLegacy Discord Note: Other roles also may apply If you would like to be on the team for a different position DM me ASAP Discord user: kin90ful
  10. Tandsitk

    Simple Rank Pack v1.1

    I have designed this rank package, thinking that it is a beautiful rank package for you, and you can use it as you wish. Update: Now add configs Ranks included: Owner Admin Mod Helper Mvip Vip Player New ranks will be added very soon. To keep up with updates, join our Discord server: Discord...
  11. geckl0


    🌟 Welcome to PowerMC - Where Adventure Meets Community in the Ultimate Survival and Towny Experience! 🌍 Are you ready to immerse yourself in a Minecraft world like never before? Look no further! Introducing PowerMC, the latest and greatest survival/towny server that brings together the best of...
  12. Kyoto Dan

    BMW Car v1.0

    The BMW model is a sleek and modern sports car with a dynamic design. It features the iconic kidney grille, sharp headlights, and a streamlined body. The wheels are large and sporty, giving the car a powerful stance. The interior is crafted with luxury in mind, boasting high-quality materials...
  13. LittleProgrammer

    Mineopoly | Game with your friends v1.6.8

    The game board Another perspective of the game board A player rolling the dice The auction house Custom item textures via resource pack Test server If you aren't sure if you want to buy the plugin you can playtest it on @NightGamingTV was kind enough to set it up in English...
  14. Dinoerp83

    Wooden Water Raft 3D v1.1

    The Wooden Water Raft, a meticulously crafted 3D model designed for a classic wooden sail raft experience. This 3D model is perfect for various applications, including game development, animation, visualization, or even for use in Minecraft mods. The model is available in multiple file formats...
  15. simplyharvey

    🟩 OPEN | Harvey's Development ⚙️ | ⭐ FREE for Vouch | ⏳ Limited Time | New Developer ✨

    Beginner developer, offering my services to provide you with your desired Discord Bot. Will only be working on smaller requests. Happy to help :) Thank you 1698013271 simplyharvey on discord ^^
  16. Sh0ckAdv

    Halloween - PVP ARENA 75x75 vRELEASE

  17. SkyGaut

    MAGMA MAP - PvP Faction 800x800 v1.0

    --------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- SPAWN SIZE : 150x150 TOTAL SIZE : 800x800 Price : 16.50$ --------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------
  18. joxcab

    [🏰Release🏰] HelHosting LLC | Optimized and made by gamers for gamers $2/GB | Made easy for new Modded/Paper Server Owners! AMD EPYC cores!

    Website: | Discord: We are a passionate and cohesive team committed to providing you with fair and transparent pricing that reflects our extensive expertise in both Modded and Paper/Plugin based servers. As a company our objective is...
  19. S

    InsigniaPass v2.0

    Welcome to InsigniaPass! This Premium plugin comes with its very own GUI to lock Chests, Shulkers, Trap Doors, Doors, and even gates! We have a lot in stock for this plugin so please check it out! Commands: /lock /Removelock /Adminunlock /Viewpassword Permissions: passwordlocks.lock (Gives...
  20. Diekieboy

    DeluxeTags Config | New Unique Tags v1.1

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