1. kangarko

    Confiscate - Anti-Hack & Anti-Exploit v3.6.3

    Announcement from kangarko: Testimonials: Prevent dupe operations and exploits anticheats can't catch, and never will. Includes a transactions log to prevent losing money on poorly designed economy. Story In the period of 2012-15, I was running a survival server hosting roughly...
  2. O

    My new anticheat im thinking of releasing.

    Yo lit users of mcmarket. Im thinking of releasing my anticheat ive worked on. Atm it've got many checks, including the basics. No subs like for example the fastladder check. Glide NormalMovements Speed NoFall Jesus BadPackets HopModifier Head (Aimbot & Headpitch) Criticals Aimbot (The bad...
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