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  1. SolDev


    FOR THE FIRST TIME, SOLDEVELOPMENT OFFERS NODE.JS DISCORD BOT DEVELOPMENT. List Of Experiences: Node.js Bots: 1 Year Of Experience Python Bots: 2 Years Of Experience Contact Via Discord: SolDevelop#1678.
  2. F

    Hiring a Dashboard Developer!

    Hi, I'm currently having a project, which is a discord bot, and my plan on the project is having a dashboard that could interact with the bot (such as mee6) so users could configure the bot on their preferred server Payment could be discussed Send your portfolio into my gmail ...
  3. lokia0102

    Offering free basic customised discord bot for you!

    OFFERING FREE DISCORD BOT DEVELOPMENT SERVICE! Hi! I want to polish my skills in this type of area. I wonder if you have a idea in mind please feel free to contact me in Discord! I only accept basic custom bot for free. I use node js and discord js as a module for the discord bot to run...
  4. Tainted

    ✅ Custom Discord Bots ✅ - Crypto & PayPal Accepted - 🌐 🌐

    Website: Discord Server:
  5. jos1

    Hiring Full-Stack Developer

    Hello, I am interested in hiring an affordable and quality full-stack developer who is interested in our project and what we do. More information will be provided on contact: Josiah#9663 or DM on site Paid Job Position. More will be discussed. ( Hiring upto 2 devs )
  6. ItzSpectral

    Custom Discord Bot ArconicDevelopment

    - ArconicDevelopent is small "company" making Discord Bots. - We've developed bots for over two years now. - Prices can be changed and moment. - Our developing plans is Basic, Advanced and Premium. - Payment is only Paypal for now. - For more informations you can contact us on Discord -...
  7. Z

    Looking for Bot Development

    Hey, I'm currently searching for a Bot Development team I can join. I'm developing custom Discord Bots in Js -> Node.js for over one year. My last development team recently retired that's why I'm looking for a new one. My Discord Tag: Zeroknights#9457. Dm me for more information and/or for my...
  8. RonCoder0020

    Selling an Advanced Discord bot Designed to handle Multiple Servers { Images & Info Below }

    Heya! So, I was working on an advanced discord bot but I am leaving the project as my first account got hacked and I no longer want to work on this bot so, I would like to sell this bot. If you are interested, here is the information ~ BOT LIBRARY + DATABASE USED I used Discord.js and for the...
  9. slyoq

    Looking for somewhat experienced bot developers! (Javascript)

    Hello, We are looking for somewhat experienced discord.js bot developers, We are currently in a team and have a bot we have been working on for quite a while, We are currently working on a PvP system and a Inventory system for our bot, We would mostly like to find new people to help along with...
  10. CaptainDev


    How to Purchase 1. Add me via Discord. 2. Message me with your product description. Be as detailed as possible! Discord: CaptainDev#6835
  11. BitSec

    Bitsec Developers Node Hosting FREE

    Hello we are Bitsec Developers We offer free / minimum paid node hosting. Our service is open to everyone, but our discord server is focused mainly on developers and support. We would like to build up a community where developers help each other and where developers can easily host and test...
  12. GameUpdate

    Horsey Bot

    Horsey Hi, I'd like to introduce my gambling bot to mcm. It's called Horsey and has horse races, blackjack, coinflip, rock paper scissors and more games to come very soon. It has a lot of features with leaderboards locally and globally, it follows your game stats to know how many times you've...
  13. Raikasta

    ✯ Raikas' Bots ✯ STARTING 0$! ✯

    Simply, Premium Discord.js Bots Hello! I'm Raikas. I have coded Discord bots using discord.js for over a year now, and have done many complicated projects on the way too. If you have been to a other Bot developer, you have probably seen the plans. You only get a limited amount of plans and...
  14. OscarRed


  15. VNikos

    Minecraft server website [ReactJS/TailwindCSS]

    Hello ! Since a few weeks I've been making a site for a minecraft server. This one is almost finished and I would like to know if any of you will be interested. The technologies used are ReactJS for the front, TailwindCSS for the design and for the rear, it will probably be Express or AdonisJS...
  16. O


    Store Closed
  17. CaptainDev


    How to Purchase 1. Add us via Discord. 2. Message us with your product description. Be as detailed as possible! Discord: Captain#5657
  18. macca_ferri

    Hello there, I'm macca_ferri

    Hey there, my name's Emiliano Maccaferri, I'm from Sant'Agata Bolognese (Bologna) and I'm 18 years old. I'm that type of guy who is constantly looking for improvements to his projects, that's why I'm always busy doing something new. My main passion is system administration and web-developing...
  19. Remixful


  20. jellz

    ⭐Jellz's Discord Bots ⭐Cheap, Fast, HQ ⭐

    o/ Hey! I'm Jellz. I've been using Discord for a while and I've also been in the "bots scene" for a while. I'm here to offer cheap, fast and high-quality Discord bots to anyone requiring them. All my bots are coded in Node.js using the Discord.js library. If you wish to order, friend me on...
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