non exclusive

  1. nsider04

    HUB - Nordic England - 300x300 v1.8

    Nordic themed build with spawn zone included and interiors for the big houses and some towers. Contains: Multiple (8+) different Nordic themed structures Crate zone Spawn zone River running through the middle of the map with bridge close to spawn zone Dock and 2 viking-themed ships 2...
  2. A

    [Skyblock Spawn] Fantasy non-exclusive v2022-02-04

    New Castle Description: Make players wow at your awesome build with New Castle! This all in one build contains everything you need for a server, such as a PvP arena, a parkour challenge, an area for crates, NPCs, help, shops and plenty more. Version: 1.8 Theme: Medieval/Fantasy Size: 400×400...
  3. A

    [SkyblockSpawns/Lobbies] 6 Total! Non-Exclusive builds v(4)1.8+,(1)1.12.2+,(1)unknown1.9+

    Price: $19.99 Prices could go up soon! Maybe even but most likely not down! ToS - Terms of Service 1. By purchasing something from me you automatically agree to the Terms of Service. 2. You may not resell, distribute, or claim any of my(aystonejunkie) work as your own. 3. All purchases are...
  4. Kotsi-to


    Hello, I am selling ✨MAGICAL FOREST HCF SPAWN✨! The building is sold Size: 200x200 Price: **** For suggestions - YnGz Kotsi-to # 9097 The build : Thanks, Have a good day or night!
  5. Mudge

    ⭐ Mudge's Non Exclusive Build Store | Cheap, High Quality Products ⭐

    SOCIALS Discord: xo#4568 Twitter: @Mvdge_
  6. Apotros

    Lobby 70x70

    Type : lobby / waiting room / login Size : 70x70 Price : 6.30$ Payment : PayPal Version : 1.8+ Non exclusive Discord : Apotros#1456
  7. Storm Block

    ☀️☀️ Sky Block Spawn ⫸ Full customized ⫸ 150x200 ⫸ 1.8+

    ⚜️Sky Block Spawn⚜️ Made for all Types of Servers One of the unique looks. ----------------------------------------- Decorated in detail and can be easily transformed into any other function. ------------------------- Non Exclusive ----------------- BUY HERE -------------
  8. Maximoo


    Custom Skyblock island, perfect for any Skyblock server. Contents: Stone, gravel, ores (coal and iron), grass, green clay, netherwart, soul sand, sugarcane, seeds / wheat, water, wood and leaves. (Be warned, the leaves will likely remain present, even once tree is destroyed.) This is a...
  9. Maximoo


    This schematic is approximately 80 x 80 internal, usable area. The entire size of the schematic is roughly 180 x 180. This is aimed at small network hubs or mini-game hubs. My asking price for this map is $2.00 and it is non-exclusive. If you are interested in purchasing this map for yourself...
  10. MrZent

    All My Portfolio (20 USD)

    Hello, this will seem crazy, but it is literally what it says in the title, all my portfolio in 20 dollars, is a non-exclusive offer; Here the link: if you are interested, you can contact me by: Discord: L U D W I G # 4466 Skype: live: luisdavidmartinezgomez
  11. Felixbuilds


    Hey MCM! My commission Team now has some premade builds too! Here is one of our newest creations: ,,Athletic" The map athletic is useable for nearly everything! We sell it exclusive or non-exclusive, as you want. Dates: The map is 320x340 blocks big. It has a big statue in the middle of the...
  12. TBOAbrupt

    Pre-Made HCF Map (Non-Exclusive or Exclusive)

    I'm looking to buy a HCF map that is 4000 x 4000 or 5000 x 5000 or 6000 x 6000. Requirements: - Must have KoTH's already made - Must have semi custom terrain (No oceans, flat areas for where KoTH's, end portals, spawn goes) - Must have spawn already made - Must have roads already made Also...
  13. SamangaBT

    Samanga Build STORE / HIGHEST QUALITY STORE ON MC-M / Hubs, KOTHs + Click the thread or this link to get to the store: You can find more info about every build on store website! Safe automated checkout Happy Shopping!
  14. aliensushi

    Selling a 200x200+ Factions spawn! Only 2$! v1.0

    This map is roughly 200x200, it includes a spawn, crate area, a few spots to add your own things, space to explore, trees around spawn and a few structures. Its a pretty high quality build, and cheap, 2$. The file comes as a schematic, paste it in using worldedit, if you dont know what that...
  15. Gift

    100x100 KOTH Map High Quality (Non-Exclusive)

    I am selling this 100x100 KOTH map I built. This will be sold non-exclusively for a price of $5.00 USD. Payment will be through PayPal F&F. To purchase this, add me on skype: live:[email protected]
  16. Satelliting

    Skywars Map - Non-Exclusive For $1

    Skywars Map - Built by AxerionBuilds & sold to me with resell permissions. Amazingly beautiful and simple map. Definitely a nice design. Autopurchase through link, or PM me to do business. Only accept Paypal F&F. Thanks!
  17. EpicSammy

    Spooky Themed Road

    Hello! I'm here to sell a Spooky/Halloween themed road. There will be 3 copys up for sale. Image: Price: $2 Copies sold: 0/3 If you want to buy a copy of this Spooky Road. Contact me via Skype @ icodethatjar.classic
  18. Wufie

    ◊ Abyssal Elements ◊ Premades builds under 5$ ♣ Koths,hubs,spawns ♣

    Welcome to Abyssal Elements Premades shop Japanese Spawn | 100x100 | High quality | 3$ ONLY a Japanese spawn for faction/hcf servers, the overall size for this build is 100x100 there is a shop and a room below the small lake You can buy it here: (Schematic...
  19. Wufie

    Japanese Spawn | 100x100 | High quality | 3$ ONLY

    a Japanese spawn for faction/hcf servers, the overall size for this build is 100x100 there is a shop and a room below the small lake non exclusive You can buy it here: more screenshots: you will get the map as a schematic folder. Terms of service: You are not...
  20. deodftw

    Cheap Server Lobby [100x100]

    bid noted: 3$ Bidding Period Ends @ tomorrow
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