1. PlenexCorporation

    Area Notification System v1.0

    Features ▸Clean & Slick Animations ▸Readily customizable ▸Easy to implement, easy to use! ▸Scalable
  2. ImageWorks

    Notification System v1.0

    Includes: Easy to make your own notifications Extremely easy set up Clean UI
  3. Max.DEV

    Max's Notification System v1.2

    Introducing Max's notification system, an easy way to set notification in your game. this allows you to have different tags styles in your game within your script easily. Features:- 4 different tag types (notification, success, error, and warning) Anti exploit and fully operated by server...
  4. Patik

    Area Notification System v1.0

    • Clean & slick animations • Readily customizable • Easy to use • Scalable
  5. ShadowCorp

    Area Notification System | Twelve Spade v2

    Cheap and Simple Area Notification System This tech allows players who pass an area to display the name of the area Simple To Configure Easy To Modify Smooth Tween Animation Better Visuals
  6. T

    Custom Hotbar v1.0

    Product information Draggable slot changing Notifications upon equipping / unequipping Easily customizable

    Notification System v1.0

    FEATURES Server Side Client Side Easy Use Sound, Image, Time Bar Notification Gui
  8. DanPlayz

    Discord Vote Logger v1.0

    Installation and Setup 1. Download the plugin. 2. Upload the plugin to the plugins folder. 3. Open your Discord server's settings. 3a. Click on "Integrations" 3b. Click on "Webhooks" button 3c. Click on "New Webhook" 3d Click on the webhook you created, give it a name 3e Click "Copy Webhook URL"...

    Insufficient balance notification

    Send a notification 24 hours (or whatever) before an auction is going to start in case your account balance is insufficient and you have active or pending ads.
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