op prison

  1. Couph


  2. tiara studios

    Prison Mine Schematic - Exclusive

    Hello, I'm looking for an exclusive prison mine schematic! DM me on discourd if you are interested! imrealcloud
  3. Couph


    Hello, I am selling my server, GrizzlyPrison. This is more than just an excellent investment oppertunity; GrizzlyPrison is home to a loyal and active community who were committed to the server during its life. Whilst the server is a great money maker with extremely good profit margins, it's a...
  4. tiara studios

    OP Prison Survey

    Welcome! Just made a very important survey about prison servers. Mind you guys fill it out to help my research? Thank you! https://iixy7x6mt0u.typeform.com/to/Ynhtiy9E
  5. mafiozomc

    Selling OP Prison setup

    It is a non exclusive server. Their features are: Spawn Virtual robots Custom pets Monthly crates Normals crates Autominer Normals, Donors, Private mines Tournaments Plots LeaderBoards Discord: albrechtmc
  6. mafiozomc

    Looking for Co-Owner for OP Prison and OP Skyblock

    I'm looking for people who want to start a new project, op skyblock and prison. I am currently on vacation and I have a lot of time. Those interested can contact me via discord: firwof
  7. mafiozomc

    Looking for Co Owner (OP Prison)

    Hello, like a title say, looking co owner to manage op prison server ready, dm me here or discord firwof
  8. mafiozomc

    Looking staff for my prison OP

    Hello, I am starting an OP Prison project, I already obtained the setup through BBB and its dependencies, I also have a domain and hosting. I need passionate people who want to be part of this project. My discord is firwof
  9. tiara studios

    The New Reality - Your Time Is Here.

  10. mafiozomc

    Looking for Staff

    Hello, I would like to create an Op prison server, and I want active staff to create the project. If you are interested you can leave your discord and I will contact you
  11. divinemcus

    Op prison - Op Skyblock setup

    Looking for these setup, if have any one dm, pay via PayPal discord: emmaair
  12. Unrelatable

    OP PRISON | HQ Server Setup v2.3.1

    Why not start up a Test Server to see our amazing features in action! Support Links: Join our Discord for support: https://discord.gg/p2TRZApYFx
  13. Memesalot

    WTB OP Prison Setup

    Looking for a OP Prison setup. Looking to spend up to $100 for a good one. I do have my own custom prison core so technically that doesn't need to be included - but it's an added bonus if the setup comes with one that's ready to go out of the box. Please DM me here if you have something you...
  14. A


  15. divinemcus

    Selling Op Prison Setup

    Private mines Normal mines Prestige Mines Rebirths Mines Balanced economy custom enchants Pets Original build Test Server IP Add me discord for more info. divinesusi 1689955289 still looking for buyer
  16. Kindness_

    Selling OreCraft (.net, original brand) -- Tremendous Potential [Closed -- SOLD!]

    Hi all, Today I am selling a project I had long anticipated to run for fun, however some personal issues have come up with a family member and I have to prioritize what matters most. OreCraft used to be a pretty enormous OP Prison network averaging 100+ players online back when I used to...
  17. oak123

    Oak Prison v4.1

    Server ranks Prestiges Rankup A-Z Rankup Mines From A-Z Donator Mine Blocks left hologram in mines Time till reset hologram in mines Blocks left hologram in mines Gems Tokens Eco System Server Menu Server warps menu Auction House Shop Rankup crates Plots Pvp Arena Player commands menu Server...
  18. tiara studios

    [POLL] OP Prison Private Mine Upgrades

    Please, share your choice with me. Thanks.
  19. resolutewears

    [PAID] Economy Balancer Needed!

    I am looking for someone to come make my server's economy a bit harder to progress, this includes with selling blocks, Battlepass rewards, crates. I have a hard time figuring out how to balance it all to where it's hard but still obtainable, and I was hoping to find someone who could do it for...
  20. tiara studios


    Welcome! I want to sell the full resource ownership of my "XPrison" resource. I'm selling it, because i want to focus on other projects. The setup has incredible potential, i can give you more informations in DMs. Total sales: 64 5 Star Reviews: 6...
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