1. BraveMertt

    Looking for Senior Java Developer!

    Working Area: Minecraft Development Desired Features: Fluent in English at least A2 level over 18 years old Expert in Java and OpenGL (LWJGL) technologies Redis and MYSQL database experience Knowledge of Minecraft Client, Plugin, Spigot and BungeeCord Able to use Minecraft NMS packages...
  2. Squid_nds

    💬 [Offering] C# & C++ Developer Services

    Hey 👋🏻 I’m offering my services as a game engine developer, I’ve been working with C/C# and C++ for quite a long time. I’ve been creating engines and games from scratch, starting with Java, then moved onto better languages such as C and C++ to make better stuff. I’ve been using several graphic...
  3. C

    Searching for Java and OpenGL/LWJGL Developers

    Dear MC-Market members, we're a small german developer team of about 10 developers, who are currently developing a new, minecraft-like RPG called Bellaza. The RPG isn't based on minecraft, it uses an own engine. For that, we search for people, who have many experiences especially in OpenGL and...
  4. Exspozed

    java UI developer (OpenGL)

    As the title suggests, need some very simple UI work done. The project is for a mod, named Podcrash+, that averages 300 users online at any given moment with peaks of 1000+. Podcrash+ is enforced by Mineplex for their tournaments and by many competitive MC leagues, like Hypixel's CvC, Mineplex's...
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