1. BluzaDK


    NESH Network is a fun place for people who love OP-Prison come in and have fun we are looking forward to see you on the server if there is any problemes the staff will take care of it For you Dont worry we have some nice and helping staff to help you if you get problems :D come in and Se if its...
  2. R

    Searching for knowledgeable minecraft staff members for CatchyMC

    CatchyMC Is a OP Prisons Server that is searching for knowledgeable staff, it is non-paid currently, but staff will have an income further in the server. Message alan.brandon on discord and join discord.catchymc.org
  3. R


    Calling All Minecraft Enthusiasts! Join CatchyMC OP Prison Server - Content Creators Wanted! Hey BuiltByBit Community, We hope this message finds you in good spirits! If you're passionate about Minecraft and love creating content, we've got an exciting opportunity for you at CatchyMC, our OP...
  4. A

    Hire me as your server configurator

    Hello, my name is brandon and I own a small minecraft OP Prison network called CatchyMC, you can check it out play.catchymc.org, everything is configured and made by my self and i can do the same for your self, I can make your server an amazing place that people will love, message me on discord...
  5. tiara studios

    AkumaMC Prison | Original Remake Setup

  6. Core

    400 PB CubeVille Network is now hiring staff members! [POTENTIAL TO EARN REWARDS]

    Greetings Players, Are you in search of an exciting, welcoming, and distinct Minecraft network brimming with fresh features and potential? Do you possess a fervor for assisting others and contributing to a positive gaming atmosphere? Are you eager to become part of a committed and proficient...
  7. Kowski

    Hex Nation Looking For Staff and Developers!

    Heyo! As Hex Nation is coming close to a release we are seeking individuals to join our staff team and join the adventure with us! Currently we have survival and skyblock gamemodes done, we are planing to add more down the road such as prisons and such. Open positions: Developers Admin...
  8. Classifyed

    AkumaMC Prison | BuiltByBit Exclusive v3.1

  9. tiara studios

    Desired Setup Features - Poll

    Hi BuiltByBit! Recently, i started thinking about my setup offerings. Currently i'm selling a Prison Setup which has very decent views and sales. But i feel, i need to make something better for the community. This is why i started this thread, because i want to know the most desired features...
  10. Blacklce

    New prison Core

    I‘m currently coding on a new prison core which is called Fantasy Prison Core. It will be 1.8-1.19 you can see all Features in my Discord. https://discord.gg/U8FEP63Jmy
  11. PJ5

    SevariaMC ✧ Looking for staff

    Hey everyone! I am the owner of Sevaria, an OP Prison server that is currently in the works. We are in need of staff for all positions! What Are We Looking For? » Helpers: 0/4 » Moderators: 0/3 » Admins: 3/3 » Manager: 0/1 Why Should You Work For Us? » We are a new prison server with a decent...
  12. PapaScotty

    Selling | OP Prisons Setup

  13. JuniorN

    OpPrison Setup.

    Hey! Im looking for a OPPrison server that fulfills my needs, please dm me on Discord at JuniorN#2001 if you want to develop one or maybe have one to sell. I Will pay bad we Will discuss further om Discord
  14. KudaXD

    Prison Map 1 - Releasing on June 4th @ 3PM EST (PvPEarth)

    Hello everyone, After countless hours of development and hard work, we are proud to announce to all of you that PvPEarth's OP Prison realm is opening on June 4th @ 3PM EST. Reset Time: Click Here to view the time until reset! Spawn Build: We have an amazing spawn that is super easy to...
  15. Kappios


    At ServerScale, we offer the most powerful Cloud Instance & Bare-Metal Server Hosting. BUY THE RESOURCE HERE https://www.mc-market.org/resources/22883/ TEST SERVER Kappios.com Support Discord discord.kappios.com ➥ Prison Ranks ➥ Prestige Mines ➥ Donator Mines ➥ Maxrankup ➥ Maxprestige ➥...
  16. Carers

    🌌 PlutoPrison 🌌 Upcoming OP Prison Server 🌌 Looking for Staff, Media & Media Owner🌌

    PlutoPrisons PlutoPrisons is a new upcoming OP Prisons Server with all new features never seen before. Since we're a new network we're always looking for new mature staff, and media to our team. If you'd like to apply for staff on PlutoPrisons, the staff application can be found below or here...
  17. MrLucas.

    Inventory Pets - Prison

    Hello we are looking for an plugin for oir op prison server that has inventory pets , There should be different pets that gives different boosts. Like 1 pet that gives money boost , and an other pet that gives token boost. These pets should be upgradeble trough mining like an xp system and have...
  18. iSunshine

    [] Looking for Java Developer | OP-Prison Server []

    ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ⛏️ Server info : AquarriPrison is an OP-Prison server developed from 0 by us. The theme is therefore Aquatic We started the development a few months ago, we take our time to make a clean server. Our main goal is to present a new and well-made...
  19. DiiNNo1

    OP PRISON | Developer's |

    Hello, my name is Matas (19), i am lithaunian and would like to start a new op prison server. i am not close to being a developer so i'm looking for a experienced developer. Add me on discord so we can talk about the server. - DiiNNo#6869
  20. RebirthBuilds

    Selling prison mines

    Hi, I'm selling prison mines for really cheap. Add my discord: leah#4444
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