1. zqodev

    LastBlock v1.01

    Commands: /lastblock help /lastblock give <block> /lastblock menu /lastblock reload Permissions: lastblock.give lastblock.menu lastblock.reload Contact by Discord: zqodev
  2. B

    SupplyDrops v.1.1

    ・ Drops at random location ・ Rewards from the loot can be configurated from you ・ WorldBorder Protection ・ All timers are configurable ・ Full optimized to be perfect for your server and to not be a problem for the tps! ・ Holograms are configurable ・ BossBar...
  3. MachineBreaker

    Scheduler - Automated Command Execution v1.0.0

    The Scheduler plugin is a plugin for Spigot. The plugin allows the server administrator to schedule specific commands to be executed at specified times, as defined in the schedules.yml configuration file. The plugin uses a configurable time zone to ensure that the scheduled commands are...
  4. Angelillo

    MAStaff | StaffMode & Utils v3.1.1

    Useful links Documentation Discord Javadoc Maven Repo ATTENTION The plugin src is include it when you buy the plugin, ask for the github repo access on discord
  5. InternetThing

    Professional Hub Setup | CUSTOM & HQ v1.0

    RESOURCE SUPPORT & ACTIVE STATUS: Resource Support Available And Active ! RESOURCE IS NOT ABANDONED ! Need help? Feel free to contact me! MyBadDay#2429 // 755813209390317599 [DISCORD SERVER FOR SUPPORT] https://discord.gg/dEpB7N4ga8 ➥ Customizable messages ➥ Staff and user different...
  6. flamelier

    Essentials Plus v2022.10.01

    Essentials+ is the most essential utility plugin for any Minecraft server. The ultimate replacement of EssentialsX! Why use Essentials+ instead of the most popular EssentialsX? • The EssentialsX structure/code is known to be messy and extremely inefficient with outdated practices. •...
  7. RiznSun

    OPTIMAL SERVER .yml Optimisation AntiCheat & Clearlag AntiWDL & AntiBot For 1.16.4 v1.0.3

    These files are the optimal files for any 1.16.4 server, regardless of the jar being used. These files were constructed from the regular 1.16.4 release of Paper Spigot. ❃ What are you getting? ➤ Anti WorldDownloader ➤ AntiBot Plugin w/Config ➤ Clearlag Plugin w/Config ➤...
  8. E

    Player Freeze [1.15.2 - 1.16.1] GUI! v2.1.4

    Features: • Customisable • Permissions • GUI • Simple to use • Lightweight • Pre Configured • Active Developer • Autoban capabilities • InvSee on click • Reload Or Toggle Autoban Through GUI Commands: /Freeze <IGN> <Reason> - Opens GUI To Freeze User. /Freeze Reload - Reloads The Plugin...
  9. PremadeSetups

    Bungeecord & Lobby Setup v4.1

    Copy the ip deluxelobby.premadesetups.com ● Items Compass, Gadgets, Settings, Parkour Teleport Bow, Music and Lobby Selector ● Many servers in compass and useful information ● Settings ● Music ● Bungee announcer ● Adress limit One ip can't connect with more than 3 accounts...
  10. nitricspace

    Paying for Server Optimisation for "Vanilla" Server

    I run a decent sized survival server on 1.13.2 which is frequently full at 75 players during peak hours. I want to increase the server size further as our community frequently asks for it but when we reach around 60 players the TPS starts to drop and by 75 players the TPS can be as low as 6. I...
  11. Stefatorus

    Advanced Lobby Setup - Cosmetics Global Money Parkour Tutorial Mystery Crates Custom MAP v1.7-1.13.2

    Used by big servers such as: - play.gamster.org (>1500 Players) - play.hellgame.org (>40 Players) Description: The lobby is the first sub-server your players will see and is very important for the servers' design. Advanced Lobby Setup offers a high-quality lobby setup that makes sure your...
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