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  1. Viintex


    Alpha Teaser Trailer for the Bleak Isles Server. As seen in the trailer, work has started on our custom 8000x8000 block RPG/Roleplay server, set in the central island of Veras, in the Bleak Isles. We decided to keep it smaller in size, in order to maximise player interaction between different...
  2. MarshalSadness

    [EXCLUSIVE] Orc Builds Pack from World of Warcraft (+ Gift: 3D Armor&Weapon Models) | $8

    Introduction: Good day, ladies and gentlemen. Before going directly to the building itself, I would like to write a short preface, and apologize for possible logical errors in the text, because, unfortunately, I do not know English and I have to use Google as a translator. Preface (you can...
  3. MinecraftHammer

    amazing orcish/orc style KOTH!

    Selling an orcish 50x50 KOTH for 7$, contact me over e-mail or skype ( [email protected] )
  4. _Trude

    High Quality Cheap Builds.

    Hello MCM, Today I am presenting you some high quality builds that are for sale for cheap prices. Price: $10 Link: Price: $5 Link: Price: $5 Link: Price: $2 Link:
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