1. Kuveru Studios

    BoxPvP | Demon Slayer | 200x200 v1.0

    CONTENT This includes a folder with the demon slayer schematic to paste with WorldEdit or FAWE, and a README.txt with information to contact us. ABOUT THIS PRODUCT This build was built with 1.20 blocks, if you try to paste in inferior version you probably will have problems with the block...
  2. G

    Arceus v1.0

    A free organic build of the Pokemon Arceus
  3. AstriumMC

    Spawn - Angel v1.0

    Angel spawn is the perfect build for your new server, with two epic organics that depict the battle between good and evil, life and death. Leave your players in awe with this amazing build
  4. Vextrosity

    Spiders & Webs | Asset Pack v1.0

    Spiders & Webs | Asset Pack A pack of 10 awesome spiders and 9 spider webs. Give your builds a touch of horror. Free to use commercially, combined with your projects. Assets not to be sold individually. Supported Versions • 1.17 & Higher ZIP Contents • Java World, .mcworld & individual .schems...
  5. NaniBel

    Aquatic paradise of mermaids v1.19

  6. NaniBel

    the butterfly garden with this map v1.8-1.19

    ¿Te gustan las mariposas? Este mapa está inspirado en la belleza de la naturaleza donde podrás disfrutar de batallas interminables, actualiza tu servidor ahora con este nuevo mapa. ¡¡¡¿Que estas esperando?!!!
  7. TomitoSk

    Lobby - Spawn Greek theme v1.8

    Greek themed Lobby/Spawn has a total size of 220×220 on a floating island, the lobby has a center and area for NPCs as well as decoration of the theme such as structures and organics
  8. WellSetups

    Christmas Village Lobby v1.1

    MAP INFORMATION File Format ➔ .schematic SIZE ➔ 150 x 150 Portal Area ➔ True Version ➔ 1.12+ NPC Area Amount ➔ Five Detailed ➔ True Crate Area ➔ High Quality ➔ True IMPORTANT LINKS Website: Discord: Social Media...
  9. Premier Studios

    Premier Studios | #1 Service Provider

  10. Tr4paceiro

    Prison Mine 142x142 v1.12.2

    Contact me if you have any questions!
  11. Moranguinhu

    Lobby - Game Island | 300x300 v1.0

    MAP INFORMATION FIle Format ➔ .Schematic SIZE ➔ 200x200 Theme ➔ Fantasy Version ➔ 1.12+ Npc Area ➔ True Portal Area ➔ True Map Type ➔ Hub High Quality ➔ True What's there? NPC Places Crates Places Portal Store IMPORTANT : Before loading the schematic: /gamerule...
  12. Moranguinhu

    Fantasy SkyWars Hub | 200x200 v1.0

    MAP INFORMATION FIle Format ➔ .Schematic SIZE ➔ 200x200 Theme ➔ Fantasy Version ➔ 1.12+ Npc Area ➔ True Portal Area ➔ False Map Type ➔ Hub High Quality ➔ True IMPORTANT : Before loading the schematic: /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0 because the leaves from trees can fall down...
  13. OperaliX_Builds

    Halloween Pack by OperaliX v1.0

    Pack with buildings for Halloween. Version: 1.16+ Pack contains: 4 pumpkins of different sizes 4 trees of different sizes 2 ghosts of different sizes 2 bats in different poses 1 beautiful Dragon Skeleton Organic 150x125 Happy Halloween From Operalix_Builds
  14. OperaliX_Builds

    White Cute Dragon | Organic 50x50 v1.0

    Beautiful White Dragon for your Spawn/Lobby/Hub and other Buildings version 1.16+ size 50x50
  15. OperaliX_Builds

    Dragon | Organic 200x150 v1.0

    fantasy dragon 200x150 for your lobby/spawn/hub version 1.16+
  16. OperaliX_Builds

    Pack Cute Birds | Organic 35x35 v1.0

    10 Cute Birds for buildings. Version: 1.16+ Size: 35x35
  17. OperaliX_Builds

    Forest Pack v1.0

    spruce trees of different sizes, decked lands and a few mushrooms. forest pack for the construction of hubs / lobbies /spawns and other buildings.
  18. Kingdave101

    Selling cheap advertising on my 25k member server ORGANIC JOINS!

    Selling cheap advertising on my 25k member discord server over 1k members online usually sometimes we peak at over 2k members in the afternoons u can purchase here on my promo server and my main server is here it’s always active and it’s...
  19. OperaliX_Builds

    Baby Dragons v1.0

    two statues of baby dragons with an egg for your use in spawns/lobbies/hubs and other buildings.
  20. OperaliX_Builds

    Pokemon Bulbasaur | Organic v1.0

    beautiful pokemon in different sizes. the resource contains a diorama with a bulbasaur and several smaller bulbasaurs statues for use in spawns/lobbies/hubs and other buildings.
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