1. ExileStudios

    The Diamond GUI v1.0

    Diamond GUI - is a unique graphical interface for your Minecraft Server, With this GUI, say goodbye to mundane, conventional interfaces and embrace refreshing new colorful designs! Included in this pack are: 1 pre-designed menu, Ready-made menu templates 1-6 lines, presets for 4 menu variations...
  2. Dy14n_.x

    Makeshift Items v1.0

    This pack was made using the itemsadder format. ᴛʜɪѕ ᴘᴀᴄᴋ ᴄᴏɴᴛᴀɪɴѕ: 1x hat 1x full armor set 1x sword 1x pickaxe 1x axe 1x shovel 1x hoe
  3. matejskubic

    Residental Houses v1.0

    8 houses 2 mansions All meshes & textured Optimized For more information add matogone on Discord!
  4. onlyrealhamster

    Mazda RB24 Racecar Pack v1.0

    Features Realistic Tune 2 Vehicles using 2 different liveries High quality Exterior Working Special mesh lights Note: This car is meant for flat racetracks! If you want road use, raise the "body" and "misc"
  5. iPlexity

    iPlexity | Glow Squid Pack v1.0

    iPlexity | Glow Squid Pack Items Included in Resource: Glow Squid Armor Set Glow Squid Hat Glow Squid Tail Glow Squid Chest [Furniture] Glow Squid Key [Read Notes Below] Glow Squid Flag Glow Squid Sword Glow Squid Pickaxe Glow Squid Axe Glow Squid Shovel Glow Squid Hoe Glow Squid Staff Glow...
  6. cyberoverload

    Navy Warfare Pack 0

    The Naval Warfare Pack: – 2 Incredible Battleships equipped with working weaponry – Fully Functioning Radar Systems – Incredible Captain Control Panel with advanced GUI – Deck Mounted Turrets and Remote-Armed Weaponry – A Fully Custom Blizzard R9 AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter with working...
  7. Ellie

    24x Key Icons for Tebex - PACK 2 v1.0

    Included keys: Amethyst Copper Gilded Blackstone Crying Obsidian Netherite Demon Red Trippy Rainbow Pastel Rainbow Neon Sign Glitch Celestial Bee Potion Bottle Warden Lush Slime Magma Water Lightning Emerald Currency Diamond Currency Royalty - Purple Royalty - Gold
  8. Naruvus

    Detailed SCP Facility Kit v1.0

    Large SCP Facility building pack with hallway segments, door models and specific rooms. Easy to set up and includes a furniture pack to detail your facility!
  9. Akira.

    UI Pack v1.0

    UI Asset Pack: Simplify Your Design Process Are you looking to streamline your UI design process? Look no further! Our UI asset pack offers a wide range of pre-made buttons, frames, banners, and more, making it easier than ever to create polished interfaces for your projects. The Icons in the...
  10. raiyan9

    Light Containment Zone Hallway Pack 1 v1.0

    FEATURES High Quality & Detailed Perfect for both shadow & future lighting Multiple Hallway Formations
  11. raiyan9

    SCP Uniforms Pack v1.0

    INCLUDES: Security/Cadet Pants & Top D-Class Pants & Top Doctor Pants & Top Field Medic Pants & Top Intern Scientist Pants & Top Medical Deputy Pants & Top Medical Director Pants & Top Medical Overseer Pants & Top Nurse Pants & Top Scientific Deputy Pants & Top Scientific Director Pants & Top...
  12. raiyan9

    Heavy Containment Zone Hallway Pack v1.0

    FEATURES High Quality & Detailed Perfect for both shadow & future lighting Multiple Hallway Formations
  13. raiyan9

    Light Containment Zone Hallway Pack 2 v1.0

    FEATURES High Quality & Detailed Perfect for both shadow & future lighting Multiple Hallway Formations
  14. flouzi

    More Ranks | Itemsadder Oraxen v1.0

    More Ranks This pack contains 11 Ranks/prefix you can use this pack with Itemsadder & Oraxen This resource includes: 11 Ranks/Prefix : Vip + Vip Helper Dev Builder Admin Twitch Youtube Mod Owner Player Preview in Game How To Install ? Itemsadder : Download the latest version of the...
  15. Requlogia

    SKYBLOCK - Unique Server Setup v1.0.2

    Overview: The main version of the server is designed as 1.20.4. You need to use the ViaVersion plugin to be able to enter the server with all versions. In order to view the special items prepared with the resource pack, you need to log in with optifine. The colorings in the setup have been...
  16. raiyan9

    UK Housing Pack 1 v1.0

    FEATURES Very detailed UK houses 13x houses 1x Flat
  17. Leap Development

    GAR Icon Pack v1.0

    This is the GAR Icon Pack. This bundle of GFX icons are perfect for any Star Wars Republic group! This pack includes GFX for: GAR/TGA/TGAR Republic Intelligence Red Guard Senate Guard Coruscant Guard Advanced Recon Commandos Republic Commandos Advanced Recon Forces 501st Legion 442nd Seige...
  18. 24

    Full Skyblock Setup - 60 Islands 1 Spawn v1.0

    Build Information Size: 8x8–->17x17 islands and; 400x400 spawn Interiors: Yes! Type: Skyblock Build Setup Pack Theme: Multi-Theme + Fantasy 🔨Why Buy This? This product stands out because of the amount of detail and amount of work you are getting for your money. At Aspire/24, we strive to give...
  19. Oasis Studio

    Star Wars - Republic Clone Morph Pack v1.0

    Star Wars: Republic Clone Morph Bundle Very customizable! Includes: Fully Textured Morph Bundle USE perms for the morphs Red Guard Division Coruscant Guard Division Republic Commandos Division 501st Legion Division 212th Attack Battalion/7th Sky Corps Division Republic Intelligence Division...
  20. Oasis Studio

    Star Wars - Red Guard Morph Pack v1.0

    Star Wars: Red Guard Morph Pack - R15 Very customizable! Includes: Fully Textured RG Morphs USE perms for the morph Etc! If you're having trouble DM me on discord: void_w
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