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  1. DexterTheDev

    Shop Website using PayPal as payment method

    Hello, I am offering a website, Forums Website (Languages/Frameworks): Nodejs, Fastify (instead of express for higher scaling), liquids, tailwind CSS, MongoDB You can contact me for more details like file structure and more. (Everything is customisable through the config) Dm me to discuss the...
  2. DexterTheDev

    Shop Website Integrated With Discord

    Hello, I am offering a website where you can add your products and their prices and it will automatically create a ticket for the buyer in your discord check the vid Forums Website (Languages/Frameworks): Nodejs, Fastify (instead of express for higher scaling), liquids, tailwind CSS, MongoDB...
  3. DexterTheDev

    Selling Custom Forum Website

    Hello, I am Dexter the creator of the forum website and it's kinda like mc-market, Forums Website (Languages/Frameworks): Nodejs, fastify (instead of express for higher scaling), liquids, tailwind CSS, MongoDB You can contact me for more details like file structure and more. (Everything is...
  4. DexterTheDev

    Selling Moderation Discord Bot with fully customized Dashboard [FIXED]

    I am Dexter#7999, And I am selling a discord bot fully moderation with a dashboard with the following features: Auto Mod: An automatic system to help remove unsafe spam links and invites. Dashboard A built-in responsive web dashboard to configure our bot to your desire. Moderation system...
  5. geode

    Verified  Geode.Host | A New Era of Minecraft Server Hosting 🤯 | 5950X | NA & EU

    GEODEHOST WEBSITE | DISCORD Why Geode Host? Since Geode Host started beta testing for the Geode Panel we have been getting overwhelmingly great feedback from both users and competitors. Geode Host enters the Minecraft server hosting world with something truly new, something that is like...
  6. N

    RUST server wipe Pterodactyl addon

    Hello, I am looking for a plugin for the pterodactyl panel allowing to wipe a rust server in an automated way. I'm looking for something like / the same type as the picture below Think you can help me? I would be honored! Add me on discord in this case and we can discuss :) Discord...
  7. Limxt

    [NEW] ADMIN PANEL [1.16 - 1.17] 1.0

    This is a brand new Admin Panel with multiple features. I will try my best to stay on top of updates. My discord is limitboyz#0084 Features: - Whitelist Add (Add a player to the whitelist) - Whitelist Remove (Remove a player from the whitelist) - 1 Minute Restart - Restart + Maintenance...
  8. SourCream

    Custom billing panel

    Hello I am looking for someone to make a custom billing panel that can work with creating servers on the pterodactyl panel.
  9. ZedKun

    Pterodactyl Panel Free setups ( 5/5 -> Done. )

    Hello guys, so I have been away from McM for a while now, and I haven't posted much or replied to any thread lately, so I want a boost to my account by doing some free system administration stuff for free to get more Reputation. you can check my profile to see that I'm valid, I have built more...
  10. Jack_

    Blaze Tech Reliable, Fast, and cheap cPanel hosting, Panel setups, server setups and more!

    Introductions Hey there! My name is Jack and I have been a Minecraft Setup artist / Config Dev for over the last 3 years! I am making this post today to promote my new hosting / development service: BlazeTech! What is BlazeTech? BlazeTech is a service provided to you as an owner to help you...
  11. bagou450

    Pterodactyl Addon [1.X] - TxAdmin Button 2.0

    This addon add an TxAdmin button on Fivem server when TxAdmin variable set to 1. This button redirict to the txadmin of the server. Work on 1.X (work also on 1.9.X) I can install the addon for you and for free! Tos: 1) Don't Resell this addon. 2) Don't give this to other people. 3) No...
  12. Qrow

    [SELLY, SHOPPY, AUTOBUY, SELLIX] - Shop Template - Admin Panel - Search - Category & More 0.0.01

    DISCORD: Qrow#7606 Telegram: Qrowio
  13. BSDevs

    Windows Program Pterodactyl addon

    If you want to join in this server msg me in discord: Discord: BSDevs#9527
  14. Incomprehensibl

    --High Quality, Support Included Pterodactyl Installations-- Starting at $2!

    Hi, JIBSIL here back with another product! So, what is Pterodactyl anyway? Pterodactyl is a game server manager equipped with state-of-the-art container isolation technology to prevent hacks on your main server. It was built in PHP and can be tricky to set up sometimes. However, I believe that...
  15. Y

    Looking for someone capable of customizing Pterodactyl 1.x interface

    Hello, I'm looking for someone capable of customizing the 1.x version of the Pterodactyl game panel. Please only PM if you know you're capable of doing this.
  16. WilddWolf

    ♦️ Neytiri Digital Services ♦️ Premium Digital Services at a Consumer Friendly Price

  17. Orf

    (50% SALE!) Discord-Panel [CONTROL YOUR SERVER!] 1.0

    Ever wanted do be able to control your server really quickly and easily without having to type out long console commands? if you have or haven't discord panel lets you do that! Discord-Panel lets YOU create your own gui so you can control your Minecraft server from Discord! Here is a cool...
  18. LeafPlayz

    [Cheap] Pterodactyl Full Installation ∣ Bungeecord ∣ Discord.js

    Pterodactyl Full Installation: Install The panel + daemon Price: $2 Addons: Bungeecord Setup (Minecraft): $1 Discord.js Egg Setup (Discord Bot): $1 Terms Of Service: - Refund/Chargeback is not allowed. - You must pay in Paypal F&F (Accepting other payment method, add me on Discord) - If you...
  19. B


    A pack of 17 exclusive menus that can make your minecraft server much more custom. Each configuration has a unique and revolutionary design that has not been found on other servers! - Custom menus for: Warps; SkyBlock Panel; Links; Rules; Informations; Commandshop; Commands; Upgrades; Arenas...
  20. S


    5 Panels Setup So Far Pterodactyl Full Setup Installation: Install The panel + daemon UFW Setup Let's Encrypt(SSL) PhpMyAdmin Setup Price: 5.0$ Other Services: Bungeecord Setup(Minecraft): 2$ GMod Server Setup: 2$ Upgrade Panel + Daemon: 1.5$ PhpMyAdmin Setup: 2$ UFW Setup: 2$ Let's...
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