1. InfraCharm

    InfraCharm LLC ~ Plugin Configuration ~ Cheapest Onsite!

    Links: Discord Our Site Other Threads: Hosting System Administration Sales Email: [email protected] Support Email: [email protected] Shipping Address for Colocation: 3419 Virginia Beach Blvd #5410 Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Important Reads: Terms of Service Privacy Policy Code of...
  2. projectenchanted

    Classes | Stages | Levels v1.0

    Using Coins Engine plugin currencies players can level up Classes Each Class has its own color scheme that can be customized to suit your server themes Here is a sample of one of the classes, selecting warrior class will bring players to the stages menu. Here they can purchase stage 1 and...
  3. Artillex-Studios

    AxRankMenu | LuckPerms Addon v1.0.5

    • /axrankmenu • /axrankmenu reload • LuckPerms Economy Plugins: • Vault • PlayerPoints • CoinsEngine • RoyaleEconomy Source Code: If you need Commissions, Support, or anything else
  4. CinturonCris

    CoinMobs - Kill mobs and earn money v1.0.7

    Data to take into account: - The drop option can be easily disabled. The drop can be set to any percentage, even so the drop will be random, logically obeying the percentage. Dependencies: 2 optional dependencies (but necessary if you want the money to work haha): Vault...
  5. B

    Giveaways | New Feature v1.0

    Description: A simple minecraft plugin that allows players to start giveaways using every item! The plugin works from 1.8 to 1.20.2 but if u find any issues on higher versions please contact me to fix them :) It is a perfection feature that you can add on the higher ranks in your server :) What...
  6. yinkah

    [Limited Copies] Glorious Rank & Permissions Core

    Glorious Ranks & Permissions Core Upon purchasing, you will receive access to the source code of this core. To purchase this core, you will need to create a ticket in my discord via. and after that, I'll add you to the GitHub repository where you can view and...
  7. yinkah

    Glorious | Ranks, Permissions Core v1.2

    Glorious Ranks & Permissions Core Upon purchasing, you will receive a JAR file which is the Glorious jar. You can then create a ticket in my discord via. and then I'll add you to the GitHub repository where you can view and access the source code. This core...
  8. madtrent

    Cryptic GameMode Manager v1.0

    Introducing CrypticGamemodes - Your Ultimate Gamemode Management Solution! Tired of the hassle of constantly switching between game modes in Minecraft? Say goodbye to the frustration with CrypticGamemodes, the most versatile and user-friendly gamemode management skript available. Whether you're...
  9. Creaxx

    Phoenix - All in one server management v1.6.2

    YOU MUST JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER AFTER PURCHASING AT You can test Phoenix at IP: An advanced Network Core plugin that provides a plethora of features to enhance any server administration experience. Phoenix core is compatible with multiple plugins and comes...
  10. K

    Looking to pay someone for a configured Ranks & Permissions for my server.

    Hello, i'm looking for a cheap permissions and ranks setup for my server, I asked the server owner if I could copy their server's ranking system and they told me yes, as long as it's a private server, so that's what i'm doing. The server is
  11. Levitate

    LuckPerms Configuration - 9 Ranks v1.0

    Easily setup your server's permission by using this luckperms config, with good looking prefixes! 1. Have a server with LuckPerms and Essentials installed. 2. Paste 1 of the 2 .json.gz files into LuckPerms folder 3. Use /lp import lp-style1 or /lp import lp-style2 inside of minecraft 4. The...
  12. Kahpot

    Kahpot Services 🐕 - Rich and Fancy High Quality Embeds 💬 - Discord Server Setups 💁‍♂️ - Cloning Servers Service ⚙️ - Bots/Perms 🤖 - Cheap 💸

    Not working alone! Kahpot Services 🐕 is now a team :cool: A team of Discord Server Designers to make your Discord Server even better! About our services: We do charge for our services and do (NOT) work for free under any circumstance. A list of our Discord experience will be listed below along...
  13. UndercoverNL

    Pterodactyl v1 Addon - Staff Permissions v1.2.6

    Pterodactyl Addon - Staff Permissions I recommend you to use this addon combined with my other Permission Management addon ( ), however this addon can be used alone without any problems. There is an extra file inside the zip which gives the...
  14. UndercoverNL

    Pterodactyl Addon Permission Management v1.3.5

    Pterodactyl Addon - Permission Management THIS ADDON HAS A 1.0 AND A 0.7 VERSION, YOU WILL GET BOTH OF THEM WHEN PURCHASING THIS I recommend you to use this addon combined with my other Staff Permissions addon ( ), however this addon can be used alone...
  15. ReflexShow

    ⭐ UltimateRewards ⭐ Simple yet powerful reward system! [1.8.x-1.16.x]

  16. I

    Pixelmon Server Setup [InstinctMC]

    Good evening, I'm currently offering a paid position for someone to essentially have a server setup, from Buycraft to Rank Permissions to Plugins, etc. I currently have a lot of details worked out already, including my server spawn, rank icons, rank permissions, etc., I just need someone to...
  17. Nikolaa_

    ⌈♪⌋ FuryCore - Punishments, Permissions, Essentials - Cosmetics - Coins - Options

    Hello, my name is Nikola and today i wanna introduce you my newest plugin, FuryCore. FuryCore is brand new Punishments, Permissions and Essentials Core. Price for this Core is: $25.99 - Jar $x - Source (DM on Discord) $x - ResellRights (DM on Discord) Now available at resources page...
  18. MorkaZ

    MoxPerms - Very efficient multi-thread permission plugin for bigger networks! v0.12

    MoxPerms - Extremly efficient permission plugin! Contains converter! It can not generate laggs when it works in background! Introducing: MoxPerms is a permission plugin that concentraces on performance. It is created specially for big/medium servers that are carrying about TPS (and small ones...
  19. Jamie__

    Luckperms groups and permissions

    Hey everyone, I need someone to setup luckperms groups and perms on my bungee network for a maximum of 5 bucks. please dm me on discord if you are willing to help (__Jamie__#3988) thanks, volcano_monster
  20. Demeng

    GrantX | Revolutionize Permissions v2.5.4

    » Grant Procedure The biggest feature of GrantX is the /grant command. It allows staff members to easily grant players either a rank or permission node, along with a custom duration and reason. You can also specify which specific server the grant should be applied to (if you are creating a...
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