1. TooLongIdling

    Locker System v1.0.2

    🚪 Locker System The Locker System is an essential for military games, but it could be used in any setting. ⚡ Features ➕ Easily add new items to the locker: 🎨 Skintone selection: Players can easily pick from skintones that you put into the locker's configuration. 📱 Mobile Friendly: Mobile...
  2. yinkah

    [Limited Copies] Glorious Rank & Permissions Core

    Glorious Ranks & Permissions Core Upon purchasing, you will receive access to the source code of this core. To purchase this core, you will need to create a ticket in my discord via. and after that, I'll add you to the GitHub repository where you can view and...
  3. I

    [LF HELP] 2 Topics: Performance optimize through .config files + permissions for 2 groups (LuckPerms)

    Hey guys, I'm setting up a small Minecraft server and need help with 2 specific Topics. They're in the Headline. :) If you can help add me on Discord: wow_classic_enjoyer In Real Life I am a Software Dev myself but more for web stuff. I know how to set up a public Server with the basic Plugins...
  4. Scifi

    Akuma | Network Core v1.2.8

    About: Akuma is a general purpose network core which was originally designed for the HCStatic Network, This network core was designed to compete with plugins such as AquaCore and Phoenix / pxCore, whilst being efficient it also has a very in-depth api allowing for easy integration with all of...
  5. Leeen

    GumPerms | Secure Permission Manage v1.12, 1.12.2

    GumPerms GumPerms, is a plugins allowing to manage via several GUI your grades, this one was initially developed for one of my projects I modified them so that it is modifiable, the plugin is compatible with BungeeCord. ⚠️The plugin does not need EssentialsChat to run the prefix automatically...
  6. K

    FREE LuckPerms Config for Creative v1.1

  7. K

    Premium LuckPerms Config for Factions v1.1

  8. K

    Premium LuckPerms Config Skyblock v1.1

  9. Ahmeddinhos

    Need help with PermissionsEx Database

    I need help with setting up a PermissionsEx database for my network.. Need this: If u get the rank on the hub u will get automatic on every server the same rank, and everything will be saved on the database. I'll pay for it! Feel free to add me on discord: Jozo7#4178
  10. B

    [1.7-1.12] [$20-$50] ⏩ EvilPermissions ⏪ - Grants | Server Scopes | Staff History | Real-Time Sync

    About A simple but effective plugin for creating ranks and assigning permissions. EvilPermissions is extremely easy to use, works across multiple networks and proxies in real-time, and has been perfected for production-ready networks. Media Features ● Supports Bukkit/Spigot/Bungee for MC...
  11. UndercoverNL

    Pterodactyl v1 Addon - Staff Permissions v1.2.6

    Pterodactyl Addon - Staff Permissions I recommend you to use this addon combined with my other Permission Management addon ( ), however this addon can be used alone without any problems. There is an extra file inside the zip which gives the...
  12. Adomen

    Discord Server Setup | Roles | Bots | Channels

    Hello! My name is adomen, I really like discord i have been using Discord since 2018 and have been setuping lots of servers. I am offering Discord server setup with all the features you desire. PRICE - $5.00 USD. includes Full setup server, messages, bots, channels, permissions, roles &...
  13. Xcraft Networks

    Custom PEX Setup With Ranks v2021-06-06

    CUSTOM PERMISSIONS EX SETUP & TEMPLATE Ready to use 1.12.x - 1.19.x Thanks for the support first of all! I greatly appreciate your interest in my work! A positive comment on the resources comment section would greatly help! I have laid out the permissions needed for most default survival...
  14. Emeraldx6

    aCore Premium | Core Ranks Punishments| [1.8/1.16.5/1.17] v0.7.0

    Other Features Chat Commands: /chat mute /chat unmute /chat clear /chat slow <seconds> Bypass muted: Bypass delay: Gamemode Commands: /gms <optional player> or /gm0 <optional player> /gmc <optional player> or /gm1 <optional player> /gma...
  15. UndercoverNL

    Pterodactyl Addon Permission Management v1.3.5

    Pterodactyl Addon - Permission Management THIS ADDON HAS A 1.0 AND A 0.7 VERSION, YOU WILL GET BOTH OF THEM WHEN PURCHASING THIS I recommend you to use this addon combined with my other Staff Permissions addon ( ), however this addon can be used alone...
  16. NotesYT

    Setup Luck Perms across Bungeecord Network

    Ok all so I am looking for someone with extensive knowledge in Luck perms before I rip the rest of my hair out. I essentially have a bungeecord network of around 13 servers and I will have global ranks etc that people can buy in the hub which will give them cosmetics, mystery dust and ability...
  17. CastledKing

    5 IN ONE! ULTIMATE ESSENTIALS SETUP 11 Themes | 8 Groups | Kits | Custom Help | Configuration v1.0

    • 11 Professional Themes/Styles to choose from for messages! • Pre-made staff and donor groups with complete permissions in Luck Perms! • Completely configured with regular expressions for bad nicknames, chat formatting and new player setups! • Comes with a custom help text with general...
  18. Minetify Studios

    Epic Survival Setup | Many Features v3.0

    Main version: 1.19.2 Lastest Older Versions: Press Here 1.18.2| Version 2.5 1.16.5| Version 0.8 Shops Auction House Protection Stones +200 Quests New Biomes Custom World Resources World Furniture Custom Heads Jobs GUI RPG Skills GUI Infernal Mobs Bloody Night Event Skip Night +2 Players...
  19. Agaloth


    I also provide support/take orders on my discord server: The portfolio:
  20. Ayataligillani

    I will setup your permissions and maintain it for 1 month

    I create professional minecraft servers for those who are just starting out and allow them to achieve the success they desire. I’m an expert in my field but I wouldn’t be where I am without having past experiences. My projects are more than just a piece of work. Each time I take on a new...
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