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  1. Skipzy72

    Boo! I'm new to MCM forums.

    Hey MCM!!! As you can tell by my profile, I am not new nor am I old. I found MCM last year... ever since I found you guys/ gals, I've been reading through many posts which have now helped me to become a Support Representative at Sparked Host, tackling some weird questions, etc. Anyways, I'm...
  2. D

    Darknesslayer’s Management | Personal Manager

    —Introduction— Hello MC-Market Users! People call me Dark, as you can obviously see through my username. I have been apart of the MC-Market for around a year now, and part of the Minecraft community much longer, and it’s been one heck of a ride. Throughout the course of the last few...
  3. hret

    [ $14.99 ] Clean Personal Portfolio Website 1.0

    Live Demo (image above) Live Demo: Not provided for stealing code purposes Simple Personal Portfolio Website for branding, commission, and showcase purposes. Fully responsive, clean code, & interactive! Extra Features SEO enhancement - $5 Additional Adjustments - $15 Extra Page - $25 2.0...
  4. Mikele

    NON-EXCLUSIVE Hub type server (Starting at $3.50)

    This server was made to be a personal server for 10 - 20 people. This purchase contains Configs Worlds (Survival, Spawn, Creative, Dropper) Plugins (I really dont feel like listing them, pm me for a screen shot of them) _______________________________________________________ Prices $3.50...
  5. Mikele

    Selling non-exclusive personal servers

  6. Mikele

    Cheap personal servers!

  7. Mv_

    Personal Developer NEEDED

    Hello! I am am looking for a personal developer for CraftersRedemption. Please PM me for details and payment rates.
  8. A

    MEDIEVAL LOBBY | Neria - %50 OFF

    Hello ! Today im going to sell my new huge medieval lobby ! Its only $3 now ! :O (What a cheap !? ) Hope you like and want to buy it, so my skype: thonka.wonka After customer paid, topic will be deleted soon :) HAS'NT SELLED YET ! Contact to me at Skype.
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