1. Spaceley

    Personal Store Front - Link your own URL v1.0

    Introducing the ultimate premade website template designed to elevate your online presence effortlessly. This versatile template empowers individuals and small businesses to showcase their products with style and professionalism. Here's a closer look at its standout features: Showcase your...
  2. NorteX

    Personal links page | Simple & elegant | v1.1.0

    Enjoy the ease of sharing your links with our simple personal links sharing website. Over 18 links supported + custom links with more coming in upcoming updates. Get support for any question, demo request or help configurating and installing >
  3. Orochimaru

    Personal Services Page v1.0

    [ PERSONAL SALES PAGE ] This is a super simple, easy to edit page to sell your products & services. Includes with a popup join your discord message
  4. Mantas from MNTS

    simple personal website w/ a card design v1.0

    At MNTS, we love making custom logos, thread designs, websites, and so much more. But sometimes, something a little simpler (with a little flair ✨) is just enough. For this, we have our templates, now available to purchase from BuildByBit. Do you want a simple, $0/month hosted personal website...
  5. nish

    MonoInky | Personal Website Template v1.0

    MonoInky Website Template Features: Easy .json configurable file 3 Sections (Skills, projects, contact) Mobile responsive If you need support add me on discord: nish#1660
  6. Automating

    CUZIAMWEB | Personal Website Template v1.2

    Are you looking for a fresh website template for your personal website? We got you! For only 7,99€ you get a complete template for your personal website! With project section, contact section, about me and even services page! In the zip file you get the website (html) and a readme file, where is...
  7. Skipzy72

    Boo! I'm new to MCM forums.

    Hey MCM!!! As you can tell by my profile, I am not new nor am I old. I found MCM last year... ever since I found you guys/ gals, I've been reading through many posts which have now helped me to become a Support Representative at Sparked Host, tackling some weird questions, etc. Anyways, I'm...
  8. D

    Darknesslayer’s Management | Personal Manager

    —Introduction— Hello MC-Market Users! People call me Dark, as you can obviously see through my username. I have been apart of the MC-Market for around a year now, and part of the Minecraft community much longer, and it’s been one heck of a ride. Throughout the course of the last few...
  9. hret

    [ $14.99 ] Clean Personal Portfolio Website v1.0

    Live Demo (image above) Live Demo: Not provided for stealing code purposes Simple Personal Portfolio Website for branding, commission, and showcase purposes. Fully responsive, clean code, & interactive! Extra Features SEO enhancement - $5 Additional Adjustments - $15 Extra Page - $25 2.0...
  10. Mikele

    NON-EXCLUSIVE Hub type server (Starting at $3.50)

    This server was made to be a personal server for 10 - 20 people. This purchase contains Configs Worlds (Survival, Spawn, Creative, Dropper) Plugins (I really dont feel like listing them, pm me for a screen shot of them) _______________________________________________________ Prices $3.50...
  11. Mikele

    Selling non-exclusive personal servers

  12. Mikele

    Cheap personal servers!

  13. Mv_

    Personal Developer NEEDED

    Hello! I am am looking for a personal developer for CraftersRedemption. Please PM me for details and payment rates.
  14. A

    MEDIEVAL LOBBY | Neria - %50 OFF

    Hello ! Today im going to sell my new huge medieval lobby ! Its only $3 now ! :O (What a cheap !? ) Hope you like and want to buy it, so my skype: thonka.wonka After customer paid, topic will be deleted soon :) HAS'NT SELLED YET ! Contact to me at Skype.
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