1. qlxucreations

    Sea Themed Spawn/Hub/Arena 600x600 v1.0

    An elaborate coral themed warzone/boss arena that can be used for almost any application, it comes with a schematic along with the world, This is possibly one of my proudest builds I've done to date, it looks amazing in game and out and I'm truly happy with the work I put into it, It's currently...
  2. SmartName

    Pirate Interface/GUI Pack v1.0

    Dive into the tumultuous world of choppy seas and hidden treasures with our pirate-inspired GUI pack! Whether you're a daring pirate or a ship captain, this captivating collection of GUI will instantly immerse you in the enchanting atmosphere of buccaneers and corsairs Included Pack 6 UI (6...
  3. DoomerTheDev

    Devils Triangle v1.0

    Description Small, detailed, high-quality map, perfect for role play games Custom Graphics Very detailed High quality Custom Assets
  4. xRebelD00

    Arena / Fallen Corsair / 150x150 v1.0

  5. xRebelD00

    Pack / Rascal's Collection / 20 Islands v1.0

  6. Belka_

    Pirate cosmetics pack v1.0

    Pirate hat cosmetics pack This collection contains Cosmetics – Octopus head – Shark head – Hat headband -Boat hat – Barrel hat – Pipe – Pirate’s eyes hat -Pirate’s Beard – Pirate’s hat – Cuba hat Included Oraxen configuration (drag and drop) ItemAdder configuration (drag and drop)
  7. xRebelD00

    Spawn / Marine Paradise / 180x130 v1.0

    TIP: Before using schematic use /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0
  8. HypeStudios

    Spawn Hub Build Pirate v1.0

  9. SuspectAlien

    Starhill - Survival Spawn v1.0

    RESOURCE INFORMATION: 3D Viewinng: Click All In-Game Screenshot Here THE SPAWN HAS: 1x Portal 4x Crates 11x NPC PvP Arena Mine Market zone 1x Big Castle Farm zone Port zone and decorations FILE FORMATS: .schematic IMPORTANT!!! Before loading the schematic: /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0...
  10. HeavenCube

    Pirate Balloons v1.0

    This isn't a plugin, this is a resourcepack thats work with cosmetics plugins. Compatible with : ✅ Drag and Drop with ItemsAdder ✅ Complete exclusive cosmetics ✅ Funny balloons to add to your server • 5 balloons ready-to-use ! • ItemsAdder configuration files included. • This pack...
  11. AstrumProjects

    PIRATE HCF Spawn v1.0

    HCF Spawn PIRATES ☠️ 📏 Dimensions – 201 x 201 ✔️ NPC´s and CRATE´s Places
  12. Sxtz

    Pirate Hub v1.16.+

    Minecraft Hub Format: Schematic Versión: 1.16+ Interiors: no NPC SLOTS | 5
  13. WellSetups

    600x600 - Exclusive Pirate Spawn with Resell Rights!

    My discord: proomp INFORMATION Size: 150x150 (inside), 600x600 (outside) Crate area Lake area Cave area (can be used arena or mob spawner area or what you want) FILES This map was made in the 1.16 version but can be used in all versions 1.16 and above. Downloadable Files: schematic files...
  14. Kyoto Dan

    Pirate Ship pack_v1 v1.0

    An intricately crafted 3D model of a classic wooden pirate ship, meticulously designed to capture the essence of the Golden Age of Piracy. This highly detailed model is perfect for use in animations, games, or as a centerpiece for historical visualizations. The ship boasts a historically...
  15. Storm Block

    Hub - Pirate Island - 630x630 v1.0

    📌Map information - 3D Model: Click Here Dimensions » 630x630 « - Map contains ❖ Place for 3 NPCs ❖ Spawn point ❖ Houses ( without interior ) ❖ Port ❖ Islands ❖ Crates ❖ Farms ❖ Fields ❖ Windmills ❖ Warehouses ❖ Towers ❖ Skull ❖ Ships ◈ and much more... 📌Download Files 📚 Zip. File 🌐...
  16. BoTa Builds

    Pirate - PvP arena v1.8+

    PRODUCT INFORMATION ∎ Size of the map:175X175 ∎ Versions: 1.8+ IT CONTAINS ∎ A spawn on the center ∎ Rocks with interiors ∎ Ravine ∎ Pirate themed houses ∎ Detailed enough ∎ Enough space for PvP ∎ And more
  17. Spiciflow

    BUILD | Thematic Pirate MinaPvP v1.0

    The best economic construction made for you! <3 Installation: 1.- Download the schematic. 2.- Inside the WorldEdit plugin (FAWE), upload the .schem file to the folder called shematic. 3.- Login to your server and enter the command /schem load prisionpirate.schem 4.- Enjoy your...
  18. FreyaMC_

    Pirate Island 150x150 Server Spawn v1.0

  19. Chris Graph

    x4 Pirate Crates & Keys v1.0

    4 pirate crates and 4 unique keys for your server! ItemsAdder : Configuration for pirates crates & keys Install all plugins required and restart your server Drag & Drop file in your plugin folder ItemsAdder Now you can run this series of commands : /iazip Enjoy!
  20. BuildSide

    Skull Island |200x200| v1.0

    Description: • It is High Quality Lobby with amazing big volcano and village on the island • Size : 200x200 • Minecraft versions : 1.8+ - 1.19.+ 3D MODEL : HERE Includes: • Spawn Point • Places for 5x NPC • Shop Area 2x • Crates 3x • Harbour 2x • Fish Area • Mines • Stone Altar • Pvp Arena •...
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