player statistics

  1. Dean

    Gucci Player Statistics [1.16.5 - 1.20.4] - 📊 Unleash the Power of Competition 📊

    Gucci Player Statistics [1.16.5 - 1.20.4] - 📊 Unleash the Power of Competition 📊 Join our Discord - Drive player engagement and foster a competitive atmosphere with Gucci Player Stats, the ultimate solution for creating unique leaderboards and tracking player statistics. Seamlessly integrating...
  2. Pallux

    Player Statistics | DeluxeMenus Config v1.0

    TOS: You are not allowed to sell, redistribute or claim this as your own. You are not allowed to leak or send it to someone else. No refund after purchase is made. You ARE allowed to change it in any way you like.
  3. Ultimate Setups

    Profile Menu | Deluxe Menus Config v1.0

    The Profile Menu displays basic information about the player, such as their kills, deaths, hearts, money, votes, coins and their playtime stats. Need more information about config, you found a bug or have any questions? Feel free to contact me. (For the fastest answer, contact me on...
  4. Lucas Durand

    CommunityAnalytics Stats Statistics Kpis v1.0.7.14

  5. Partydragen

    MCStatistics v1.2.3

    Website: Discord: Requirements: Server version 1.8 to 1.20, other versions are not tested Registered on MCStatistics website and registered a server Track Player Activity MCStatistics is the ultimate server staff tool to monitor how...
  6. cronu

    Player Statistics || Player Joined Date, Played Time & Health || FREE v2020-10-18

    Minecraft server version | 1.12.2 Version support will be added in future. Description: A lightweight player stats plugin to display joined date, played time and health. Commands: /stats [playername] In order for the command to work you need to ensure that the player is online. Have any...
  7. Loving11ish

    Ultimate Stats vPhase 136

    Ultimate Statistics Collect & Showcase Statistics To Your Players Consistently Developed Since 2018 Commands & Permissions / Configuration / Developer API / Terms of Use Love UltimateStats? Show your support by leaving a review.
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