1. Ronix Studios

    CubePlayerWarps - ItemsAdder & Oraxen v1.0

  2. ShadowCorp

    Custom Playerlist V1 v1.0

    Cheap and simple Custom PlayerList Simple To Setup Displays Teams Auto Updates Auto Insert Teams Easy To Modify Mobile Friendly Other Styles
  3. ShadowCorp

    Custom Playerlist V2 v2

    Cheap and Simple Custom Playerlist V2 Teams Function Mobile Friendly Auto Create Teams Easy to modify Easy to setup Mobile Friendly Other Styles
  4. ShadowCorp

    Custom Playerlist V3 vV3

    Cheap and Simple Custom Playerlist V3 – Teams Function – Auto Create Teams – Easy to modify – Mobile Friendly – Can Change Team Display Order Other Styles
  5. ShadowCorp

    Custom Playerlist V4 v1.0

    Cheap and Simple Custom Playerlist V4 This tech allows players to see every player's username as well as which team they are current on – Teams Function – Auto Create Teams – Easy to modify – Mobile Friendly – Auto Playerlist Refresh – Change Team Display Order – Gradient Text Colors Other...
  6. ShadowCorp

    Casual Playerlist v1.0

    Cheap and Simple Custom Casual Playerlist Easy To Configure Simple To Modify Auto Updates Displays Username and User ID Simple Design
  7. Barry

    Rank up Deluxe menus configuration v1.1.0

    OVERVIEW: Say goodbye to pay-to-win! With this configuration, players can buy their new ranks with in-game earned money. With six pre-configured ranks, pre-added permissions, and perks, your players will love it! It even comes with five different theme colors! FEATURES: Custom gui (5...
  8. B

    Giveaways | New Feature v1.0

    Description: A simple minecraft plugin that allows players to start giveaways using every item! The plugin works from 1.8 to 1.20.2 but if u find any issues on higher versions please contact me to fix them :) It is a perfection feature that you can add on the higher ranks in your server :) What...
  9. Levitate

    PlayerGradients v1.0.4

    Overview: This plugin allows you to make name colors and gradients that allows players to change the color of their name through an ingame gui, the gradients that players have access to are based on a permission and you can create gradients easily with a simple ingame command.. Commands: /pg...
  10. T

    Group Reward System v1.0

    Product information Put the scripts in the right places (identify by the name of the folder its under) Put the plate anywhere (can copy paste multiple times) Make sure the plate you want for players to step on to redeem has the billboard gui that's inside the plate in the asset. Also make sure...
  11. ArrowTan

    PlayerKits Config | Ph4ntom Series v1.0

    Clean, Modern, Professional and User-Friendly Configuration! Attractive and Bright Player Interfaces! Navigation between Normal & Premium Kits! Basic Normal & Premium Kits Included! Custom-Made Clean Lores Using HEX!
  12. madtrent

    Cryptic Respawn v1.0

    Introducing "CrypticRespawn" – Elevate Your Minecraft Experience! Are you tired of the mundane respawn process in Minecraft? Ready to add a dash of excitement and customization to your gameplay? Look no further than "CrypticRespawn," the ultimate solution to amplify your gaming adventures...
  13. SerbanHero

    Keep Your Players Online with These Amazing Minecraft Rewards - AFKRewards, Playtime Rewards, and More!

    AFKRewards, Playtime Rewards, Player Rewards - what could you ask for more? Keep your players online with these amazing rewards! ⭐Discord Support⭐
  14. Houdeeny

    Player Warps Configuration v1.0

    INTRODUCTION: Player Warps configuration, enhances the aesthetics of the plugin to the next level from its base counterpart. Elevate your server's visual experience with this configuration! FEATURES: Four different color themes! Choose between aqua, dark red, green and purple. Redesigned...
  15. L

    Player EnergyR Stamina v1.2

    this plugin may change pvp(fighting) system at your server(advice download my plugin and a plugin that will change ender crystal explosion damage) run spend some stamina. you can turn off spending energy(stamina) at damage./ef_set false(turn on : true) this command turn off: use stone swords...
  16. Zalbus

    PREMIUM DeluxeMenus - Player Profile v1.0

    PREMIUM DeluxeMenus - Player Profile (Vanilla Stats) Menu! PREVIEW: Heads Version PREVIEW: Glass Pane Version How to install? 1. Download DeluxeMenus from SpigotMC & Put it into your Plugins folder 2. Purchase & Download our Config and put the "DeluxeMenus" Folder inside your Plugins...
  17. H

    EventBan - Server, Player Event Blocking v1.0

    The EventBan add-on supports you to prevent some events with its beta version. List of events you can ban: PLAYER : BlockBreakEvent BlockDamageEvent BlockMultiPlaceEvent BlockPlaceEvent SignChangeEvent InventoryCreativeEvent PlayerToggleSprintEvent PlayerToggleFlightEvent PlayerTeleportEvent...
  18. lukariosmen

    PlayerWorldEdit v0.13

    Introducing "PlayerWorldEdit" Minecraft Plugin! PlayerWorldEdit is an exceptional Minecraft plugin that grants players the power of WorldEdit, enabling them to reshape their Minecraft worlds effortlessly. With its streamlined /pwe set command and intuitive functionality, PlayerWorldEdit...
  19. Ibotmealot

    Player Profiles - Deluxe Menus Config 0

    IMPORTANT: Prior to installation, please ensure that you have all the necessary dependencies for seamless functionality of this configuration.
  20. MrDimiXD

    PlayerWarp v1.0

    PlayerWarp does exactly what it says on the tin. This plugin is perfect for minecraft survival servers, every player has it's own warp saved by their name. Simple /pwarp functionality Ability to teleport to other players homes Permissions support Customisable messages No delay teleport Remove...
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