1. midentd

    Custom Foods // Miden's Foods v1.0

    Join the discord server for help, experimental versions, and more frequent plugin announcements! |Discord|Wiki|Trello| Miden's Foods (or Custom Foods) is a plugin that allows you to add custom foods to the game that the player actually goes through the eating animation to eat. The plugin also...
  2. JinXz_135

    [𝐑𝐄𝐐𝐔𝐄𝐒𝐓𝐈𝐍𝐆] 𝐈’𝐦 𝐥𝐨𝐨𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐝𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐥𝐨𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐬 (𝐟𝐫𝐞𝐞)

    Discord: JinXz ♛#0001 Hello there, as someone who is interested about creating and gaming, I wanted to reach out to you about an intriguing project I'm working on called HobbitMC. It's a server that's still in the works, but I'm confident that it has the potential to be something incredibly...
  3. C


    Hey Everyone! My name is Doc and I am looking for server programmers to help maintain the plugins of the Golden Corral (not affiliated with the real Golden Corral.) The Golden Corral is a lore-based, SMP server dedicated around "The Plaza", "The Void", The Nether, and a few cool characters...
  4. C

    WorstBroadcaster v0.3.1-BETA

    ——— PLUGIN IN BETA! ——— WorstBroadcaster is a simple and easy-to-use broadcast plug-in which gives you the opportunity to send messages to players in various ways and conditions. Features WorstBroadcaster provides several features and many commands, each one different from the other and with...
  5. I

    Paying $200+ for a custom plugin.

    Hello I'm incredibly new here and not entirely sure how things work around here. If anything is out of the ordinary or not allowed just let me know haha. I'm a small-ish youtuber ( that's looking for more of a long-term plugin developer for a server. The $200...
  6. Pwo


    I need a experienced developer to remake the prison core. It should be of high quality and contain the following features: Custom enchants Tokens & Gems currency Custom pets Custom armor Bosses Private Mines Ranks Autominer Robots etc... My budget is about $300 but it is...
  7. notroisback

    ☄️ SetHome ☄️ | 1.8 TO 1.18+ v0.3

    A lightweight plugin for players to set their home, no permissions required, simple and efficient. CHECK SPIGOT FOR LAST VERIONS! (CLICK ME) ☄️Commands: ⚡/sethome (Set a player's home.) ⚡/home (Allow the player to go to their home.) ☄️Configurable: ⚡Prefix ⚡No Home Setted Message ⚡Set Home...
  8. Flammen2

    Velleity Survival/Towny/SMP Minecraft server which encourages PVP

    Velleity is an economy Survival/Towny/SMP Minecraft server which encourages PVP - 🎉 Very light and not intrusive monetization 💰 Bazaar stock market, similar to Hypixel Skyblock 🗺️ Unlimited world size ⛏️ Craftable custom items e.g. Trench pickaxes 🥚 Spawners 🔨 Strong...
  9. Flammen2

    Velleity Website

    Velleity is an economy Survival/Towny/SMP Minecraft server which encourages PVP - 🎉 Very light and not intrusive monetization 💰 Bazaar stock market, similar to Hypixel Skyblock 🗺️ Unlimited world size ⛏️ Craftable custom items e.g. Trench pickaxes 🥚 Spawners 🔨 Strong anti-xray...
  10. V

    Looking for plugin devs for a large scale Minecraft project

    Our team is working on an exciting new large-scale minecraft project. We are looking for an experienced plugin developer to help bring this idea into reality. We are looking for people who are very comfortable with plugins such bungeecord and luckperms, though of course more experience is...
  11. MrLucas.

    💫 Lynch Services 💫 | Looking for Developers 🌟

    We are looking for freelancers that are able to complete commissions for our new service team. The only requirement we have is that u have an linkable portfolio Do you feel that you have the requirements and would like to apply , Create an application ticket in our discord today! Discord
  12. Astronaut


    TIRED OF 'DEVELOPMENT TEAMS'? LOOK NO FURTHER. Don't let the terrible banner fool you! My name is Alex, I go by the online persona of Astronaut. I've been developing in a range of technologies for over 10 YEARS. I've developed a multitude of websites, Minecraft plugins, mods and more. Many of...
  13. L

    Looking for developers!

    Hello all! I am looking for developers to help me develop my new server. Looking for PVP developers and RPG developers. I can pay very well. Discord - Koala#8261
  14. M

    CheironFurniture v1.0.1

    Have you ever wanted to sell IKEA-like crafting kits to build furniture with? Now you can, with CheironFurniture! CheironFurniture allows you and your players to build furniture (both custom models and normal items) out of Crafting Kits sold by signs! What is a crafting kit? Have you ever...
  15. james1234


    StasisPvp BETA CURRENTLY IN DEVELOPMENT About us: StasisPvp is a upcoming competitive Minecraft factions server with many different features staff applications are always open and looked at regularly. Features: Custom Enchants 20 Chunk Buffer Limit 15 Member Factions Custom Fishing Custom...
  16. Zowp

    ⭐ LyraGames ⭐ Premium Plugins ⭐ Affordable ⭐

    LyraGames has a very experienced development team and is ready for commissions! We'd love to hear your needs, open a ticket for it to be a reality! We offer high-quality Minecraft plugins. Contact: Discord
  17. Z

    Looking for a quote/estimate on a plugin.

    Background I am a new server owner, still learning the ropes and designing a personal project that I would like to someday release to the public. I'm looking for a developer to contact me and give me a quote/estimate for both the time and cost to develop some plugins. Some Information The...
  18. Devysion

    [Optical Studio]High-quality set-up for your server

    Contact us (open a ticket here)
  19. mete_7788

    BroLand-mc Server looking for BUİLDER java

    our server BroLand-mc is new to java we would like to hire a builder to help our community out. BroLand is a kitPVP server with all other future games. if you are intrested in helping our community please contact me on my discord mete7788#3683
  20. B

    Plugin setup

    hey guys I am BBC and I am doing a plugins setup for MC, but in the future I will be doing it for money but right now I only want vouch so just ether contact me at discord Demonking#9961 or the comments below thx
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