plugin development

  1. kMagic

    ⭐ Atom Services ⭐- High-Quality Minecraft Plugin Development

  2. A

    [OPEN] Plugin Development | 6 YoE | Source code included

    Hello, I'm anhcraft. I have 6 YoE in Minecraft server-side modding. I can make plugins for Minecraft servers xD Service: Develop plugins Upgrade/Modify existing plugins etc.. anything related to programming Skills: Platforms: Spigot, Paper, Purpur, Bungeecord, Velocity Versions: 1.8+ -...
  3. L

    Offering Long-Term Plugin Development

    Contact me at Discord: hepciddi
  4. S

    ✨ Plugin Services | Cheap, Fast & Reliable✨

    Hi there! I'm an advanced Minecraft plugin developer with a passion for creating immersive experiences within the game. With years of experience in the field, I specialize in developing high-quality plugins that enhance gameplay and add exciting features. Some of my notable projects include...
  5. Mycelium

    💠 Mycelium Studio's 💠 Top Rated Service Team

  6. TakenWolfie

    Experienced Software Engineer for Hire [Open for now]

    Discord: wolfiewastaken Discord Server: Github:
  7. Folium Construct

    ✨ Folium Construct - 💫 Plugin Development | Quality without Compromise | ✨ 110+ Reviews

    Our Links Twitter: Discord: Portfolio: #showcase in our Discord + Twitter
  8. iAmForyyDev_

    [Development Services] Affordable and high quality

    Hello! I offer my services as a plugin developer for Spigot I can create any kind of plugins, including minigames! The prices are very affordable. You can write to my discord to quote a complement! Payment can be made per hour or per plugin My Discord: iAmForyyDev#2272
  9. ShayPunter

    Shay Punter | Premium Plugin Development | Affordable Prices | Spigot - Paper - Bungee - Velocity Development

  10. T

    Warzone | Looking for Kotlin plugin developer

    Hello there! I come from Warzone, a small-to-medium sized server/community hosted at Minehut. Warzone offers objective-based team-oriented PvP games through the use of an open source plugin called PGM (acronym for PvP Game Manager). This plugin is also used by larger communities that also...
  11. NovaCityMC

    Plugin Devs ⇨ Looking for Laid Back Projects or Portfolio Improvements? | NovaCityMC

    ┌──────────────────────────────────────────── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ────────────────────────────────────────────┐ Disclaimer: All opportunities are volunteer at the moment. At NovaCityMC, we have a vision for a revolutionary City Role-Play experience with never seen before plugins and a welcoming community...
  12. Achlon

    Cubix Services | Plugin Development Services

    Discord: Twitter:
  13. Banarnia


  14. NovaCityMC

    Plugin Devs Wanted | Revolutionary CityRP Server

    At NovaCityMC, we have a vision for a revolutionary java City Role-Play experience with never seen before plugins and a welcoming community filled with free-spirited players. We offer players an impressive display of plugins, a massive socioeconomically varied island city map, and a friendly...
  15. sysdm

    Plugin Development | CHEAP | RELIABLE | BEST OUT RIGHT NOW

    Hello! Me and my friend are currently looking for commissions, if you are in need of a plugin of some sort, feel free to go with us! We are very cheap, and would love working with just you. How do I commission you guys? Please join the following discord:
  16. swendel

    Offering free small to medium plugins

    I'm able to create plugins for you! Just add me at swendel#1000 Spigot: Link GitHub: Link
  17. Folium Construct

    ✨ Folium Construct - 💫 Looking for Developers | Reputable & Professional Team | ✨ 110+ Reviews

    Do you want to reach out to more clients? Perhaps improve your professional experience with your expertise? We can extend your client outreach whilst ensuring security from potential scams and allow you to promote your work as well as improving with practice. Freelancers are allowed to freely...
  18. Alpaq


  19. H0PE

    ⚡High Quality Coding ➤ Spigot & BungeeCord [German Quality] ⚡

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