plugin devs

  1. Drewman1k

    Looking for Staff Members (GTA/CityRP)

    Hello, are you searching for low stress staff work? NovaCityMC is looking for new volunteer staff members to join our friendly non-toxic community. NovaCityMC is a City themed Minecraft server currently in Beta. We offer players never seen before mini games, a massive map, and custom plugins...
  2. Drewman1k

    Plugin Developers/Configurators Needed - City RP Java Server

    Are you searching for low stress dev work? Do you like Java Minecraft? NovaCityMC is looking for volunteer *unpaid* Java developers and configurators to work with us in our friendly non-toxic community. Position comes with staff status! About us: NovaCityMC is a City themed Minecraft server...
  3. Opto

    Looking For Developers Commissions have been booming

    Hello Everyone, It's XenosBuilds back looking for some developers we currently have one developer and we need more developers in this department. We are getting commissions with people needing development commissions on a daily basis we need Java Developers who have experience in plugins and...
  4. IzzyK

    UltraTech Recruitment

    Hello people of Mc-Market. I am currently planning the launch of a new MCM development, setups, and build service. The service will focus on plugin creation, building, and server setups. I am in the process of hiring skilled web developers and thread designers to create the threads for this new...
  5. Quokka

    Vanity Devs | Recruiting Thread!

    Hello! My name is Nebzei and I am the leader director of Vanity Devs! Last year our previous project was called Alcatraz Developers which had a lot of customers over the short time that we were up. We closed due to school starting and none of us really had time anymore but now that summer is...
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