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  1. BoomNetwork

    ✨DoMoan's ✧ Configurations ✧ Services ✨

    1674919570 .
  2. zyqon

    Requesting launch pad plugin

    Hello, I have a 1.18.2 and I am requesting a java developer to make me a similar launch pad plugin to the one on hypixel skyblock I want the launchpads to have the player land on a specific block and them not be able to move that or change the location they land. I would also like the plugin to...
  3. xioxe


    Cloud Setups offers you: SETUPS Factions OneBlock Hub/Lobby + Proxy (Free) SkyPvP OPPrison, Prison SkyBlock Survival UHC KitPvP CONFIGURATIONS ShopGui+ AdvancedBan DeluxeMenu ChatReaction (And a lot of more) PLUGINS Custom Plugins ABOUT US Technical Support ( Support: Monday - Friday...
  4. xioxe

    AdvancedBan Configuration FREE DOWNLOAD 1.8.8

    Hello, this is free resource config for AdvancedBan , if you want more configs, setups Join this discord: 『 』 Or add me on discord: savkee#8955
  5. Jordii

    Actions for TikTok Gifts Plugin 2.0

    Amazing and original plugin for actions if someone will send us a gift on our livestream on TikTok platform. Hey, I'm Jordan, friends called me "Jordii". I'm Polish Java Programmer working in a software house company, but Minecraft plugins are still my hobby! :D I'm working with a lot of...
  6. WonkyPigs

    Experienced Discord/Minecraft Developer for hire [CONTACT ON DISCORD]

    Hey there! I see you want to hire a developer I do discord bot development, Java plugin development, server setup, plugin configuration and much more! Contact me on discord to talk about payment, work hours and other details. Portfolio - Discord ID - WonkyPigs#0001...
  7. yinkah

    ✔️🔥Yinkah's Plugin Development Service | Exclusive Developer | Affordable, Fast, Reliable

    GREETINGS! As of now, I will be offering my plugin development services. Upon working with me and my brand, all of the products provided by me will be custom coded. CUSTOMERS WILL RECEIVE THE FOLLOWING BENEFITS: Custom Coded Efficient Code Fast, Reliable Active Support When Available For...
  8. Ch4r0n

    Looking to be hired for development of server or custom plugins [1.8-1.19.2]

    Hi my name is charon and I am developer with about 5 years of development experience. I know many languages like Java, Python, HTML, CSS, JS (Poorly), C++ and C#. I have about year or two of knowledge with Spigot/Bukkit API and I am looking for a job as server or plugin developer (Long term). If...
  9. Nick Doxa

    Fastest and Most Reliable Plugin Development Available!

  10. Alpaq

    Plugin Developer | High Quality & Affordable Prices

    Hi, I'm Bart - a young developer from Poland, with over 3 years of experience in coding bukkit plugins. Currently, I can code for you a simple / intermediate plugin at an affordable price. Pricing depends mostly on the complexity of the commission and timescale. The cost of a simple plugin...
  11. tk74612

    Looking for fancy brewers

    Looking for a plug-in (fancy brewers) like cavepvp had
  12. jaytech

    Ultimate Servers™⚡13900K 〣 7950X⚡4800MHz DDR5⚡🌏US, CA, & EU🌏🔒DDoS Protection🔒💻24/7 Support💻 Plans Starting at 0.83/month

    Discord: Website:
  13. E

    Star Item Plugin (Like Minecadia)

    Hello, I'm in the works for a server, and I need a star item plugin like minecadia, doesn't have to be exact and can have different abilities. Please view this google doc, for more information.
  14. Bradley Shoolbred

    Survival/Towny kind plugin (Paid) (Like to get quote) (COMPLETED)

    Here is a guide for a Minecraft developer on how to create a plugin that includes the following important situations: Claims: The plugin should allow players to create and expand claims in multiple ways: Players can increase the size of their claim by adding more members to their team...
  15. 1


    Hello, i am 1059ms. I have 2 years of Minecraft coding experience. Making plugins mainly for spigot, paper, but also a have some experience with bungeecord api. Plugins price starting up from 5$+. (NOT MAKING CORE'S). Reply on this post with your discord if you wanna request a plugin :D!
  16. makotomt

    cinematic tools plugin discount 5$

    Cinematic Tool Cinematic Tool is a plugin to make cinematics ingame without needing any mods. Using just commands you can create your own Cinematics ingame just recording in spectator mode the movement of the player camera and then replaying the cinematic you just recorded. BUY: 15$ ME: 5$...
  17. Duspielen

    Cheap & Fast Spigot / BungeeCord Minecraft Plugin's I 1.5 Years of Experience

    Hello everyone! I'm Minecraft Java Developer. Have 1.5 years of experience. Have positive feedback in two studios i've worked. Working with Spigot / Bukkit API. Now i currently working a server that reaches a peak of 1000 online. Before that I worked on a server with 300 online. My works &...
  18. Olieeeee

    Custom eGlow Menu - With Custom Glows 1.0

    CORE INFORMATION This Configuration is highly custom with an easy to use Setup. Its best to use this on 1.19 however it should work fine with 1.18 & 1.17. If you experience any issues with the config. Simply comment on this post. INSPIRATION - The idea came around after I learnt a lot of...
  19. D3mocracy

    New Post - Lidor German | Affordable | Quick | Professional

    Hello! I had some posts before but decided to have a fresh start. I'm a professional java developer. I'm currently able to make small/medium plugin and no huge project, you can always discuss with me for more information. You can contact me: Discord: D3mocracy#8662 Mail: [email protected]
  20. FlamingMoai

    Need MySQL Compatible Plugin For Content Creator SMP

    I will be hosting an SMP for other Minecraft youtubers this coming month. It will be called "The Countdown SMP". The premise is that time can be traded like currency. Every player will have a timer, when this timer hits 0 they are banned from the server (or forced into spectator mode). Players...
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