1. KyleFurst

    100 Player Minecraft Events Plugin Needed

    Hello, I am looking for a plugin and scoreboard to be made for my event server on Minecraft. Civilization Events: For the civilizations events we do, I want the scoreboard to be exactly like the one in the video linked below, simply a customizable scoreboard within the config of the plugin. The...
  2. Y

    InsaneListeners v1.0

    INSANE LISTENERS Manage easily your server's events! Event management directly configurable from Config.yml Fast support in case of bugs Configurable messages via the messages.yml file Italian quality, this plugin was developed with Italian hands
  3. Kraapy

    Seeking Advice (or Service) on Data Synchronization Across Cloned Skyblock Servers

    Hello everyone, I'm in the process of setting up multiple cloned Skyblock servers and am exploring the best practices for synchronizing player data across these environments. I am particularly focused on ensuring consistent updates for player inventories, Ender Chest contents, economic details...
  4. SYRQL

    ⭐ CustomCitadel | HCF event in Factions ⭐

    Ressource link:
  5. stixl

    Pre-developed plugin needs fixing

    Hi all, Awhile ago, I commissioned a developer to create a Jar file from a Lucky Block plugin which enabled some additional features. This plugin unfortunately does not seem to work with my server anymore, but it did use too - and I cannot figure out why. When running the server with the...
  6. D

    Ultimate Bungeecord Plugin Server Setup v1.0

    This setup is a fully configured out of the box product. This server has enhanced security to ensure you remain in COMPLETE control. This server literally needs you to modify one line, agreeing to the Minecraft EULA, to setup. BungeeCord Plugins such as WorldEdit and EssentialsX...
  7. Z

    Looking for somebody that makes minecraft hack/script/mods

    I'm looking to someone that could make a script/hack for me, idk how hard it is but in my mind it is simple let me explain this script/hack would click in chests when it's in range of 3 blocks just it because there is a server that I play that there is envoys plugin I would like to fly over the...
  8. el211

    MythicDrops - MythicMobs Drop Editor v1.0

    MythicDrop MythicDrop is a lightweight plugin designed to enhance your MythicMobs experience by adding customizable drops upon killing MythicMobs. With MythicDrop, you can configure specific items, commands, or even give players in-game currency as rewards for defeating MythicMobs. Features...
  9. H

    hRps v1.0

    hRps This plugin is probably compatible with newer versions of the game, but I do not have time to set up a test server for every single version of Minecraft. A simple rock paper scissors plugin that allows players to 1v1 each other and wager money. The only supported economy plugin is Vault...

    TrainVW v1.0

    Plugin Name: TrainVW Version: 1.0 Author: Verwechselbarer Description: TrainVW is a custom Bukkit/Spigot plugin that allows players to summon and fight training zombies to improve their combat skills. Players can open a GUI and use a special egg to summon a training zombie. The zombie will...
  11. Mazapan

    KatsuAvatars - Player head with papi v1.0.1

  12. RichardContent

    RTPZone | Spice up your server v1.0

  13. P

    PAID - Paper Developers Wanted

    Hi there! I'm working on a project to port the popular mod Cobblemon to Paper, inclusive of: - Models & Textures - Animations - UI - Mechanics In order to do this, I'm needing a team of out of the box thinkers to join the dev team help bring this plugin to life. If interested, please shoot me...
  14. Goldeneas

    Requesting video review of my minecraft plugin

    Hello! I've recently released a plugin on builtbybit named Cosmic Mining ( It is a replica of Cosmic Prisons' mechanics, and it has many features such as custom enchants and custom items. I'm looking for...
  15. H

    hMending v1.0

    hMending hMending is a plugin that adds the Mending enchantment introduced in later versions of the game to Minecraft 1.8. This plugin adds a custom trade to all librarian villagers that allows you to add mending to the item of your choice. To apply the enchantment, simply click on the book...
  16. J

    High quality plugin development (first 3 clients free)

    Hi everyone, I am looking for some Minecraft plugin development work. Just to spread my work will do my first 3 jobs for free. So, to get in quick. Contact me through discord, jpac14. (fiverr page for reference) Where I can show you some of my work and organize requirements, delivery and all...
  17. LeeGod

    RaytraceAntiXray | Ores, Entities, Tiles v0.3.0beta

    (With Xray.) (Fake Ores around the world.) (Single command toggle.) Default antixray configuration for overworld. # This is the default config for the overworld, # Should anti-xray be enabled? enabled: true # The maximum block height to execute anti xray. maxBlockHeight: 64 # The maximum...
  18. Arnaud Lier

    Minecraft Plugin Manager for Blueprint v1.1.0

    An addon which allows you to one-click install "Minecraft: Java Edition" plugins right from the comfort of your Pterodactyl Panel. It supports: CurseForge Hangar Modrinth Poly‎mart (with authentication for paid plugins!) SpigotMC You can test it on
  19. HMegaCrafter

    Shared Ender Pearls v1.3.0

    Shared Ender Pearls Wiki Shift + Right Click with an Ender Pearl to Convert it to Bound Ender Pearl that only teleports you Use /sep to configure the plugin Settings: canBeCrafted (FALSE): Can craft Bound Ender Pearls using a players Head: canStealPearls (FALSE): Shift + Left Click any...
  20. YogiYT

    Yogis Messages v1.0

    Features: Private Messaging: Allows players to send private messages to one another with a fancy looking text! Reply Functionality: Players can quickly reply to the most recent message, making conversations easy! Message Cooldowns: Prevents spam by implementing a cooldown system, ensuring that...
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