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  1. Quinster

    [Open] [since 2016] Quinster's Plugin Service | CHEAP | FAST | EXPERIENCED | HIGH QUALITY

    Quinster's Plugin Service ------------------------------------------- About Me Hello, my name is Quin. I am a passionate plugin developer. I have a strong foundation in plugin development and extensive experience in Java programming. I have successfully developed and maintained custom plugins...
  2. NKRIDev

    Faction Chest v1.0

    Faction Chest This plugin is exactly the same principle as an ender chest except that the content is available to all members of the faction. In addition, slots are available depending on the number of members. In the config file you can change the chest title, messages and block type for the...
  3. nozamng

    Dev Part-Time Position (Paid)

    KarunaMc is an Competitive Semi-Op Prison Server, planning to release the beginning of this Summer. We’re looking for another spot to fill for our part-time development position. Your position will focus on fixing/modifying current source codes, checking&fixing bugs, and implementing addons to...
  4. zArrowTan

    Looking for affordable Plugin developer or development teams

    Hey so this is pretty simple, I'll be paying you to make a plugin of my choice and I'd also be willing to pay for its rights as I wish to have those plugins listed on BuiltByBit as Premium Plugins. You can contact me on-site for faster replies or just leave a message here. Also, I'm not...
  5. NovaCityMC

    Massive GTA City Project: Need Volunteer Devs/Staff Members! - NovaCityMC

    Server Info We are NovaCityMC, an advanced city server with inspiration from other games like GTA and of course real life economies and legal systems. The server has been worked on for over a year and has become a massive project where you will be able to play the life you create for yourself...
  6. NovaCityMC

    Staff+Devs Wanted | Revolutionary CityRP Server

    At NovaCityMC, we have a vision for a revolutionary java City Role-Play experience with never seen before plugins and a welcoming community filled with free-spirited players. We offer players an impressive display of plugins, a massive socioeconomically varied island city map, and a friendly...
  7. Drewman1k

    **Gamer Community Looking for Plugin Dev Staff**

    If you know how to develop plugins, configure plugins, or know coding in general. This is your chance to finally grow your skills and build your portfolio working with a non-toxic laid-back community of gamers and fellow Minecraft enthusiasts. NovaCityMC is a Java City role-play GTA themed...
  8. zRH_PvP_

    [zRH_PvP_ Development] Minecraft Plugin Development

    Discord Server: (Click the icons)
  9. xGio

    Minecraft Professional Developers!

    Hey, I'm Gio from WonderGames Network and we are requesting Professional Developers for some of our Gamemode's Just join the discord and make a ticket or DM me on DC so we can talk about the price and what you need to develop. Greetings, Gio Discord Server: pGMeJMB Discord: xGio_#1558
  10. Thundurh

    Seeking Developers

    In need of plugin developers capable of creating & editing small/medium-sized plugins for decent pricing. I will not work with you if you overprice. Add me for work: Thundurh#1658
  11. P

    I'll create your custom minecraft plugins!

    Hey Community, I will create your custom minecraft plugins: About me: My name is Philip K. and I am developing minecraft plugins for about four years, so I would say I am experienced enough to create your plugin :) Pricing: I develop small plugins for free, but if the development takes a long...
  12. RenegadeMc.Net

    ✨TitanMc Plugins Remake ✨ Custom plugins needed

    I no longer need these plugins
  13. Thortex

    Thortex's Plugin Shop ∎ Tienda de Plugins ∎ Cheap, High Quality

    Terms of Service: click here Completed Requests: click here GitHub: Contact via Discord: Server: Username: thortex#7139
  14. TwinPeak

    Senior Team Is Here For You!

    Howdy, everyone! I am here today to share a service you can use to get anything done! It is called the senior team. We strive to get loyal customers and we will do everything in our power to make you satisfied with the product. We offer Builds, Setups, Graphic design, Websites, Plugin...
  15. D

    [Free] Looking for developers {Rookies Welcome}

    Hello, I'm making a unique server called Dungeon Hunters, it's a server were you clear floors of a tower which have dungeons in them and you gain loot and coins.But at the current moment we only have me and another developer who has a limited schedule so we are trying to look for some developers...
  16. N

    Looking for a RegenBlock Plugin

    Could anyone write me a plugin which regens a certain block and has a chance to give a refined block. Say i do a command /giveregencoal it will give me a coal ore block which i can place and after a player mines it then it will spawn back in 4 seconds, however there is a 5% chance that is is...
  17. CCheck.

    Permissions Plugin (BUNGEE) PAYING SOMEONE TO DO

    Hello, I am looking for someone to make me my server's permissions. If you have experience with doing so let me know, and I can pay you for your work. (Will get the plugin you need for the job.) Unless you already have it, you can start working. The ranks must transfer threw bungee meaning, they...
  18. LuckyFeed

    Hello, LUCKYFEED Development services.

    Hello mc market users, Fast/Quality/Cheap development services. Keep in mind you can't just say "Make me a plugin" you gotta tell me specifically what the plugin will do and how it will be done, it's what's best for both of us. That helps me deliver more accurate results to your needs and...
  19. Envay

    PvPRaids Network Development NEEDED.

    PvPRaids is a 1.7 Soup PvP Tracking Network currently needing a java developer to continue our main teams' plugin, cross-server queue system, hub plugin and other implementations in the cross-server core. Requirements: Experience with MySQL, MongoDB and Redis or any other type of software...
  20. SHA256_

    Fusion Development Packages

    I will knock 15% off with every new customer plus black Friday deals. Black Friday Deal buy a Custom Plugin with 45% off now!
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